The Order of Things: A Reappraisal of Vincenzo Galilei’s Two Fronimo Dialogues , and 3 Vincenzo Galilei6 was the father of the famous astronomer. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Galilei, Vincenzo, ; Format: Book; p.: music ; 27 cm. I will try to keep the latest version of fronimo on my site for your convenience. . pieces that had been missing from my edition of Galilei’s Fronimo () and.

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Performance for hire is, however, permitted. Here you will find more than lute pieces in French tablature in the following formats: Why the different formats? I apologize to those who prefer other formats, such as Spanish or Italian, but I believe French is the most widely used format, though it is easy to change to another format — even German tab not that anyone would really galieli to do this…!

Fronimo Dialogo

These pieces ftonimo mostly for renaissance lute, but quite a few are for baroque lute and archluteand a very few for theorbo, cittern, bandora, guitar etc.

Other pieces include songs and continuo pieces, listed by composer. Under Lute ensemble in the list of composers, you will find pieces for two or more lutes. The latest fronimo files since December, were created with a new version of Fronimo, obtainable now on my site. The new version corrects some galile bugs and adds tabbed files when you open more than one fronimo galjlei at once, a convenient way to switch back and forth between the files. I will try to keep the latest version of fronimo on my site for your convenience.

This website is now mirrored at www.

I will try to keep the mirror site as updated as possible, but gerbode. Site Structure There are three main directories under http: This is a listing by composer, but some items that were under “composers” like ” Besard ” actually belong under “sources”, because they are anthologies or compilations.

The intention is to gradually pare down the contents of this directory and post as much as possible under “sources”. Once the database is up and running, you will be able to search by composer or any other parameters. These are facsimiles of source documents.

These are complete fronimo editions of sources. Spreadsheet This is an Excel spreadsheet with a comprehensive list of all the fronimo files on the website. It should reflect the approximate current state of the data. It also contains hyperlinks to fronimo, midi, and pdf files for each entry. For each piece listed, it has 26 fields that contain other data, such as key, type of piece, instrumentation, source, and difficulty.

If galilek can read gallilei file, that is probably the easiest way of finding things.

In addition, the following: This is a list of other websites with related information. Corrected version of Thistlethwaitebased on the John Ward’s inventory, which identifies most of the pieces and gives a careful account of each. Many thanks to Andre Nieuwlaat for turning me on to this inventory and for locating a title that is not in the inventory. Posted the Thistlethwaite Lute Book.


Mostly high-quality English stuff. A few anonymous fantasias that gallilei really nice, fromimo a couple by Francesco da Milano. John Robinson and Art Ness were very helpful in producing this edition. Completed work on Welde Lute Booknot widely available. This contains iconic English pieces, some very virtuostic.

Completed work on Berlin State Library mus. Particularly of note are a couple of galilri fantasias, which are quite fun. Helpfully, the rhythm notations are completely regular, and there are only a noderate number of errors. Often, it seems the scribe intabulated vocal works without putting in all the musica ficta, so a large number of my emendations consisted of putting galiei in. Galulei been offline for awhile because I have been downsizing from a sq ft house to a sq ft cottage, which is charming but cramped.

I have also renumbered the pieces. The quality of the music is very high, and relatively free of errors compared to many other sources. This source also contains many ricercare by Milano, as well as several intabulated chansons and madrigals, and passamezzi, galliards, and saltarellos.

In the facsimile I have, many pages are difficult to read because they are extremely faint, but paying for the effort in eyestrain, and using a very large screen, I believe I was able to suss them ga,ilei correctly.

Sarge Gerbode Lute Page

Again, Art Ness was extremely helpful with this project. Any errors, however, are my own. I received significant help from Art Ness, who corrected several errors in titling and attribution of composers. I frknimo some very significant help from Richard Falkenstein on the one missing piece from Bossinensis v2namely ” Quando andaratu al monte “. That was the one piece that completely stumped me, but Richard totally figured it out. It turns out to be a very racy dialog between a shepherd and shepherdess.

It would be a lot of fun to perform–for an adult audience. Posted another 50 pieces from Cavalcanti.

Fronimo (Galilei, Vincenzo) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

This lot contains some excellent fantasias by Gakilei da Milano, various dances, and several vocal intabulations with underlaid text. As usual, there are many errors, including many that appear to be due to the fact that Cavalcanti copied fronkmo vocal scores and failed to put in the appropriate musica ficta. At other times, he put in inappropriate ficta. I have been greatly helped bywho kindly sent me portions of his PhD dissertation on the Cavalcanti MS.

This dissertation contained valuable information on composer names and the location of vocal models. Most of these are vocal, with text underlay below the tab and extra stanzas scribbled in the margins or at the end of the page. The text seems to follow the bass line. In some cases, I found the text elsewhere, but otherwise I gave it my best guess. The tab and rhythm indications in many of these were fairly unreliable, so more guesswork was involved to try to make sense of them.


Got some fronimmo help from on 27 and fromon Posted the next 50 pieces from Cavalcanti. Fronmio, any help is appreciated. Many pieces in Cavalcanti are noted as being by “Giovanni”. Others are probably by Giovanni B. Could this be the same Giovanni? Posted the first 50 pieces from the Cavalcanti Lute Book. In one case, I punted on trying to rationalize a piece Canario, 27 and come up with something plausible.

This is a p. Cleaning up the MS was a considerable challenge. Although the notes and staff lines are fairly clear in most places, they are also festooned with multiple random scratches and scribbles, smudges, dots, and inkblots.

I believe, however, that my result is fairly readable. I plan frnoimo do an edition of the Froinmo next. The absence of bar lines in most of the MS will probably galileei that more difficult. Posted the last 43 pieces from Barbarino. Short dances, but also a piece with multiple variations on “Une Jeune Fillette”.

Posted another 50 pieces from Barbarino. Mostly galilwi dances, but also a very substantial battle piece. Posted cleaned up copies of Barbetta Intavolatura de liuto and Intavolatura di liuto Mostly galliards and a few courantes. Posted another 50 pieces from Barbarinoincluding a couple of new to me fantasies by Milano and other really good stuff.

Completed another 50 pieces frnimo the Barbarino Lute MSincluding passamessos, galliards, and romanescas.

This includes some very nice fantasies, toccatas, and tientos by Lorenzino Tracetti and others. Posted an edition of Giacomo Gorzanis’ 5th booka very clear but not error-free autograph MS dated Also posted a cleaned-up copy of the MS. The MS has bar passemezzi antici and moderni in all keys, with their bar saltarellos, as well as several napolitane and one ricercar.

Tronimo pages of the Barbarino Lute MSwhich takes up up to p. This starts with 6 interesting fantasies. Posted cleaned-up facsimile of Gorzanis v. Posted pages of the Barbarino Lute MS c. Froonimo are close to large pages in this MS, of which I have posted The MS is rather difficult to read, but not impossible. It has many errors, and several missing pages, meaning that some pieces are fragmentary.

The first 50 pieces include a wide variety of types — many vocal intabulations and liturgical pieces, a few fantasies, exercises, etc.

Galilei: Fronimo

These required significnt re-barring, which Douglas Towne has done very galolei. It has similar content. For this volume, I have started with Douglas Towne’s intabulation, checked against the original, and found to be virtually error-free.

Also, I find that Towne has shown excellent taste and judgment in his editorial decisions, almost all of which I agree with. Posted Giacomo Gorzanis Intabolatura di liuto, v. It consists mostly of dance suites: