10CAG/10CHG/10CGGHz CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM INSTRUCTION MANUAL Technical updates and additional programming examples. Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 10CG GHz User Manual. Futaba 10CHG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Futaba 10CHG Instruction Manual.

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Always contact your region’s support center for assistance. Your 10CG contains four separate linear programmable mixes. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Compensate for pitching up or down when rudder is applied. Next, move the locking piece B up or down to lengthen or shorten.

C center-and-down to any other switch. Also includes Battery FailSafe settings Every aircraft snaps differently due to its C.

FUTABA 10CHG Manuals

Please refer to the table below for the LED status manuak the receiver’s condition. TEL or E-mail: The product is subject to regulations of the Ministry 2.

It is commonly used to practice auto-rotation. Optional separate trims in addition to those for the normal condition. Turn on the transmitter power and allow your transmitter to reach its home screen.

Land your model as soon as possible before loss of control due to a dead battery. The name of the model memory you are copying into is displayed for clarity. Close menu and cycle power. This change affects all models in the radio.


The modulation of your receiver will determine whether you utilize 2. As with all radio frequency transmissions, the strongest area of signal 10cyg is from the sides of the transmitter’s antenna.

  ASTM C876 - 09 PDF

ACRO ,anual delay, slows engine servo response to imitate The frame rate of the outputs is 7ms. Only a service center can completely reset your radio’s entire memory at once.

Blink Red and Green turn on alternately. For more information on CAMPacs, please see p. The features that are identical refer back to the ACRO chapter.

RHS Receiver Futaba’s dual antenna diversity then seamlessly selects the best signal reception between these antennas to ensure that there is no loss of signal. Those functions which are identical to the ACRO setups are referred directly to 10cng The blue RF light also goes out.

The two antennas must be kept as straight as possible. Perform another range check with your assistant holding the aircraft with the engine running at various that the battery futaab been fully charged.

The “High Speed mode” only accept the digital servos for outputs from 1ch to 6ch, including BLS series, and most peripheral equipments such as the gyros or brushless ESCs. Always check that you have the desired switch assignment for each function during set up.

Using Twin Aileron Servos: As for the data of the function added by T10CG, In addition, refer to p. Center the trims on the transmitter, then find the arm that will be perpendicular to the pushrod when placed on the servo. This function selects which of the 15 model memories in the transmitter or 33 in the optional CAMPac- the model’s name and an image of its type are indicated after its number. Have an walk approximately paces from the model without losing control.


Keep track of the batteries capacity during cycling; if there is a noticeable change, you may need to replace the batteries. Auxiliary channel function including channel controls AUX-CH controls and the receiver output for channels Always pull on the plastic connector instead. There are 4 basic tail types in aircraft models: When using the CAMPac, the information will be displayed.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Operating instructions FUTABA 10CHG

In addition, when this mode is activated the blue LED on the front of the transmitter starts blinking and the transmitter gives users a warning with a beep sound every 3 seconds. Receiver Ni-Cd battery You should fully discharge your system’s NiCd batteries periodically to prevent mannual condition called “memory”.

Page of Go. Make notes now of what you will need to change during programming.

There are a variety of types of mixes. It defaults to NULL to avoid accidentally assigning it to a switch, which might result in an unintentional dead Adjustability: By giving each model a name that is immediately recognizable, a crash. Don’t worry – there is no way you can accidentally delete all models in your radio with this function. Each display has a unique sound associated with it, as described below.