Gehlen; spy of the century, has 9 ratings and 1 review. Charlie said: The title, if lurid, is not inappropriate. I have come across references to the “Ge. LibraryThing Review. User Review – robeik – LibraryThing. Lots of detail about post-war intellegence operations in (West) Germany in the 20 years post-World. 2 2 APR Ur/-\LrJ /05/ CIA-RDP’f R ehien: Spy of the Century by E. H. Cook idge (Random House; $10) CPYRGHT CPYRG’H.T. The’General.

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Gehlen was regarded as “one of the most legendary Cold War spymasters.


Gehlen became a professional soldier in during the Weimar Republic. In lateat the start of the Cold War, the U. Gehlen was the first president of the Federal Intelligence Service of West Germany from to While this was a civilian office, he was also a lieutenant-general in the Reserve forces of the Bundeswehrthe highest-ranking reserve-officer in the military of West Germany.

Gehlen was born to a Roman Catholic family; his father was a book-seller in Erfurt. Inhe joined the Reichswehr. After college, Gehlen was promoted to captain and assigned to the German General Staff. Gehlen served on the General Staff untiland was promoted to major in ; at the time of the German attack on Poland 1 September he was a staff officer in an infantry division.

Gehlen; spy of the century,

In Julyhe received a promotion to lieutenant-colonel and was sent to the Eastern Frontwhere he was assigned as senior intelligence-officer tue the Fremde Heere Ost FHO section of the Staff.

Gehlen’s cadre of FHO intelligence-officers produced faithful, true, and accurate field-intelligence about the Red Army that contradicted rear-echelon perceptions of the Eastern battle front, which Hitler dismissed as defeatismphilosophically harmful to the Geulen cause against ” Judeo-Bolshevism ” in Russia.


In Aprildespite his professionalism and the accurate military intelligence, Hitler dismissed Gehlen, soon after his promotion to major general. The FHO collection of both military and political intelligence from captured Red Army soldiers assured Gehlen’s post—WWII survival as a Western anti—Communist spymaster, with networks of spies and secret agents in the countries of Soviet-occupied Europe.

During the German war against the Soviet Union in —45, Gehlen’s FHO collected much tactical military-intelligence about the Red Army, and much strategic, political intelligence about the Soviet Union.

Understanding that the Soviet Union would defeat and occupy the Third ReichGehlen ordered the FHO intelligence files copied to microfilm ; the FHO files proper were stored in water-tight drums and buried in various locations in the Austrian Alps.

The American Army recognised his potential value as a spymaster with great knowledge of Soviet forces and anti-communist intelligence contacts in the USSR. In exchange for his liberty and the liberty of his command prisoners of the U. The FHO archives were unearthed and secretly taken to Camp King, ostensibly without the knowledge of the camp commander. In Julythe U.

Reinhard Gehlen – Wikipedia

Intelligence as the Gehlen Organisation or “the Org”, a secret intelligence service composed of former intelligence officers of the Wehrmacht and members of the SS and the SDwhich was headquartered first at Oberurselnear Frankfurt, then at Pullachnear Munich. Gehlen initially selected ex-intelligence officers of the Wehrmacht as staff; eventually, the organisation comprised some 4, anti-communist secret agents.


Since he started working for the U. He resented this arrangement and inthe year after his Organisation was established, Gehlen arranged for a transfer and became subordinate to the Central Intelligence Agency CIA.

Among their successes was Operation Bohemia, a major effort of anti-communist counter-espionage. As the spies emerged from the shadows, Gehlen, personally, and the Gehlen Organisation, officially, were attacked by the governments of the Western powers and the Soviet Union.

The British government was especially hostile towards Gehlen, and the politically liberal British press ensured full publication of the existence of the Gehlen Organisation, which compromised the operation. As the spymaster of the Gehlen Organisation, Gehlen became president of the BND as an espionage service, until he was forced out of office in Gehlen retired in as a civil servant of West Germany, classified as a Ministerialdirektora senior grade with a generous pension; eleven years later, inhe died at the age of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Federal Intelligence Service Germany. University Press of Kentucky.

The General Was a Spy: Presidents of the Bundesnachrichtendienst. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

GEHLEN: Spy of the Century by E. H. Cookridge | Kirkus Reviews

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