Guide of Genex Probe for. LTE Drive Test 2 Huawei confidential, 2. Contents Overview of Genex Probe & Assistant Genex Probe. INTRODUCTION TO GENEX PROBE DRIVE TEST OPERATIONBY IMRAN HASHMI Huawei TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. Huawei Confidential 1 GENEX. Huawei GENEX Probe & Assistant practice guide Internal use only Huawei GENEX Drive Test tools Practice Guide Abbreviation: User Manual: In Probe.

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Published by Jonathan Morton Drve over 2 years ago. The network operators include but not limited to: Aims at consistently providing the customers with professional and high-level solutions for network planning and optimization.

Huawei Genex Probe for 4G,3G,2G Drive Test – Telco Consultant

Employed by network operators and designing institutes all over 26 provinces and municipalities Integrates the experiences of renowned operators, advancing with customers hand by hand. The GENEX Family becomes an essential tool for Huawei engineers involved in network planning and optimization, and gains recognizable achievements and reliability in tesy commercial use.

Physical connection Equipment bag easy to carry and suitable to be used in the car. Must be installed Shared — Hardware key Connect Hardware device to the laptop. Set Log mask Test Plan Configuration. Import engineering parameters, open Map window and import the related Mapinfo file. Routes, Streets, etc Start Test, start recording. If Modern port is not configed, Probe still can keep track of part of the data, but can not start PS domain test automatically by Testplan, can not keep track of the throughput on the application layer, either.

Probe can also support newfashioned UEs. But there maybe some problems on displaying parameters for the inner interface has been changed. When the terminal model does not exist on the list, please config a similar one. In addition, we suggest to check whether the associated parameter can normally displayed before the test. Select Test Device 4. Set Test Properties 2.


Add Test Scenario 3. To modify the scenario Geneex run scenario automatically. Set Item Property 1. Check the enable status.

Introduction to GENEX Probe

Otherwise, voice call maybe hangs up abnormally. Call type Continuous Call: The call continues if it does not fail, drop, or hang up. If the call fails, drops, or hangs up, Probe waits for a call interval to originate another call. The call lasts and waits for the predetermined calling duration and call interval, and repeats for the times defined in call count. Drivr the call cannot be setup within the defined period, the call setup fails.

FTP user name and password. Destination file address, input the detailed download path, such as, ftp: Local path to save the gsnex file, such as, C: When we use multi-threading download, set the number of threads here. The time interval between multi downloads. After finishing a download, wait for several time, then start another download test.

Do not teat PDP context deactivation remain RRC connection after the target files are loaded completely, just wait for interval time then continue next ftp download test.

Perform PDP context deactivation periodically. If the target files are not loaded completely within the predefined time, the loading result shows timeout. Probe considers this loading as failure and initiates another PDP context deactivation in the next loading.

Introduction to GENEX Probe – ppt download

Disconnect After Transfer Complete: Each time when the file load is complete, PDP context deactivation would be performed. Indicates the type of the traffic as: Probe will upload the local file to the destination path automatically.


Short Call Test Item: A definir Call Type: Call by Call Setup Time sec: Long Call Test Item: A definir Remote File: A definir Write Local File: Disconnected after transfer complete Traffic Class: DL Max Rate Kbps: TopN Pilot Scan Enable: A convenir Measure Rake Finger Count: A convenir Measure SIR: The data of the same type is distinguished from each other with different colors.

Move the mouse to a place to get the scrambling code of the current point. UE received power; Tx: Delta vs Average Delta is the average value in ms Average is the average value from the beginning of stat. You can choose to clear the former stat. The values displayed by Assistant are all belong to Delta serial.

The messages are visible only when the associated items in LogMask are selected. The messages selected on the left navigation tree are displayed. The detailed information is displayed by double-clicking on the message. Inter-RAT handover test Case2. Multi-frequency Scanning Simultaneous scanning of multi-frequency 2. Select specified frequency to observe it. Multi-frequency Scanning Simultaneous scanning of multi-frequency Simultaneous observation of different frequencies. SmartFlow is the first application to test QoS and analyze the performance and behavior of the new breed of policy-based.

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