We at Geze designs special type of sliding doors in India. Our sliding doors are used in high demanding applications. See what employees say about what it’s like to work at GEZE. Salaries, reviews and more – all posted by employees working at GEZE. What Weihnachtsgeld benefit do GEZE employees get? GEZE Weihnachtsgeld, reported anonymously by GEZE employees.

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The Powerhouse 4 Variation variety and examples of use 5 Product benefits, dimensions and technical data 6 Components and functions 7 Program selector 8 Controls and actuators for automatic sliding door systems 9 Service Terminal STGEZEconnects: ISO profile system, unsupported between walls 19 Horizontal and vertical sections: Wooden door fitted to wall 20 Horizontal and vertical sections: Framed leaves fitted to profile system A 21 Horizontal and vertical sections: Large entrances and opening widths together with high leaves make specific gsze on door drive technology, and this is precisely where the strong points of the Powerdrive are.

The economical yet high-capacity Powerdrive can move out of the ordinary door leaves up to kg up to kg for escape route design in weight. The sliding door systems are suitable for inside and outside doors, single- and double-leaf doors with thin-framed leaves, of ESG single thickness safety glass and ISO glass as well as doors with framed panels of metal, plastic or timber. The Powerdrive offers the appropriate drive for large-size openings, specific door leaf structures and difficult special fillings in standard and escape route designs.

Optimal sliding characteristics and minor wear due to the coordinated profiles of roller and track and the self-cleaning apoollo carriage ensure high service life and reduced noise development.

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The is optimally equipped for use in escape and rescue routes as well. Whether as FR variation with redundant 2-motor technology that will not let the user down even in case of emergencies, or as break-out solution: Gezee uniform standard was created with DIN to guarantee optimal safety to the operators and users of automatic doors. Naturally the apoloo door systems were type-tested and certified in accordance with DIN GEZE offers a fast, skilled and comprehensive service.

Special dimensions on request. With a combination of maximum opening width and maximum headroom, the relevant max. The bistable electromechanical locking system with mechanical emergency unlocking is continuously monitored by the control and is thus protected from misuse.

Integrated brushes which permanently clean the rollers self-cleaning roller carriage ensure high service life and reduced noise development. The Powerdrive system is always up-to-date because of the easy software update possibilities, and also it aplolo well-equipped in control engineering even for future developments.

Motion detectors and opening sensors are deactivated. Night mode The motion detectors are set to inactive and the door closes.

Shop closing time mode one-way The door opens and only closes when a person goes out. The outside motion detector is inactive, the inside detector is switched to active. Automatic mode The door opens as soon as the motion detector or sensor is triggered and closes again after a variable time. Safety sensors protect the door leaf travel path. If there is someone in the opening, the door apolo not close. Reduced opening width mode Activates or deactivates the settings made in Learn mode.


The service terminal and sliding door terminal communicate and exchange data via an integral RS interface. Small size makes it easily portable: Password-protected to protect operating parameters and maintenance data against unauthorised changes.

Bluetooth is an international, standardised short-range radio link with a range of up to 10 metres. Programming, commissioning, monitoring and data updates are all easily carried out from a laptop or PC. Time-saving updates possible for separate parameter settings. User-friendly documentation for commissioning, maintenance and diagnostic reports.

All necessary statistics can be easily downloaded at any time.

Senior citizens, gexe disabled or physically weaker people can be afforded more quality of life, and they help make things easy for care staff. They are increasingly becoming standard fittings for barrier-free and agesuitable living. With a apollk and innovative radio solution, GEZE has geae adapted their range of control elements. The wireless control of doors and windows using the GEZE radio programme makes connection to a power supply superfluous.

Thanks to the tiny dimensions of the radio modules, these can easy be integrated in a drive or an in-wall casing and can also be clipped directly into the elbow switch and mounted wirelessly on glass. The AIR 12 Cleanscan can be used to control interior doors with no requirement for haptic perception cleanly and conveniently. Thus, active infrared sensors ensure, for example, the bacteria-free access to the bathrooms as well as for germ-free conditions in hotel kitchens, swimming baths and doctor s yeze.

The pulse generator is installed at hand height and is gsze to precisely recognise people and objects, regardless of the direction in which they are moving, both very close i. The differing detection distances can be adapted optimally to the actual ambient circumstances and the requirements gezee the user groups. The no-contact sensor system offer the highest possible level of operating convenience, simply moving towards the door is sufficient to active the automated opening function.

It also brings about the benefit of absolute hygiene. No-contact proximity switch Variable adjustment of the sensor range in two stages Precise detection of people and objects – regardless of the direction in which they are moving Can be used universally for either surface or flush mounting The hermetic sliding door Appollo PL-HT is based on the proven principle of self-lowering door leaves which, together with an all round rubber seal, create a hermetically sealed transition between two rooms with differing gezee conditions.

The Powerdrive PL-HT sliding door system has hygienic stainless steel surfaces and an almost invisible floor guidance which both are easy to be cleaned.

The appllo door leaf is sealed to all sides, without the seal permanently affect other components. Thus the special door is designed for high levels of use as well as for long life. The self-learning digital DCU-control assume optimal convenience thanks to automatic learning of door behaviour apolpo the access frequencies. The hermetic sliding door is available as a pre-assembled complete system, consisting of: Preferably, only one of the doors should be open.

Direction-detecting radar movement sensors only activate the door if persons are moving towards the door. The door can therefore be closed behind the person sooner. Legend with feze detection Combination example 1 Combination example 2 Combination example 3 Combination example 4 As a standard version the linear sliding door system is suitable for single-leaf or double-leaf doors, left-hand as well as right-hand closing, with or without side panel.


The systems can be used in both interior and exterior areas. Especially for heavy doors. The minimum opening widths are oriented to building law requirements. Avoid sharp edges or use edge protectors to protect the cables. Run cables as per VDE The cables must be run, wired up and the system commissioned only by authorised and trained appollo.

We shall accept no warranty or service claims if GEZE products are used in combination with non-geze products. Norge Industriveien 34 B Dal Tel. BoxMidrand Tel. Vikentiya Hvoyki, 21, office Kiev Tel. EN Subject to alterations. HERZ-Thermal Actuators Data SheetIssue Dimensions in mm 1 00 1 01 1 18 1 80 1 81 1 80 1 81 1 00 1 00 1 11 1 10 1 23 1 Control Panel 2 Associated Equipment B.

Section – Wiring. Compact size and high performance egze the most challenging detection applications Compact dimensions 14x42x25 mm Background suppression for transparent and shiny objects High speed contrast sensor up. Make the invisible visible! Moovo can be installed anywhere, even.

Please read before installation. Before You Apollo For your safety and the safety of others, and to ensure that you get the most. Technical Information This section of the catalogue provides technical information that will help specify, install and maintain Surelock McGill devices and components.

The topics are listed below: The output signal is proportional to measured frequency and is either load independent DC Current or load independent DC Voltage. Always on the Lookout Perfect Protection against Burglary Terxon wired and hybrid alarm systems One system offers all possibilities Rely on experts With a qualified specialist installation contractor on. It was developed for the strict requirements of the.

Metering Technology Hilger u. Distance measurement Positioning Apolo detection Deformation monitoring Apolo monitoring Process monitoring Detection. Burglars attack unprotected premises considerably more often than ones protected by alarm.

10 St GEZE Sliding Block Standard TS 3000/ts 5000

It is from the CT-D range. With their MDRC profile and a width of only. Triple click one of the buttons on the device will include the device. ALS The new labelling generation for your efficient product identification The perfect fit For apllo demanding brands The power of brands People know your products.

Alarm system Product type: Alarm central unit The alarm central unit is a modern alarm system using the KNX. The Fronius CL combines high-yield power electronics with the unique, modular system design of up to 15 identical.

The service is very easy to use, and. Improvements and changes to this manual necessitated by typographical errors, inaccuracies.

Confort Sliding Systems Sapa Building System Confort is a high performance thermally insulated sliding window system, with a user-friendly slide action. The system, which has an attractive aesthetic.

Entry level for basic home and work use Tecdesk P7. Attractive advanced functionality desk phone Tecdesk P9. System Integration 0 1 2 3 4 5 Integration levels Schroff capabilities range from Level 0 the supply of individual piece parts to Level 5 fullsystem integration, providing enclosures with backplanes.

Please read these instructions carefully.