Words and language are strong tools that we use in our everyday life. Essays ” the Meaning of a Word” by Gloria Naylor and “Being a Chink” by Christine Leong . Responding to Gloria Naylor’s “The Meanings of a Word” Why does Naylor think that written language is inferior to spoken language (par. Gloria Naylor Can words mean different things to different people? Naylor suggests that different words—even offensive words —mean.

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Gloria Naylor thinks z written word is inferior to spoken language because written language can be taken several ways as well as spoken language. Because any word can be used in several ways, having several meanings but the tone and environment a word is used can vary its expression.

Like Gloria Naylor said her family used the word nigger as a form of endearment and honor for a hard working black male. Naylor describes her background and includes real life connections.


A Descriptive Analysis Of Nigger: The Meaning Of A Word By Gloria Naylor

She is representing her race and explain her points. Feelings and emotions are a big role in this essay. She used an introduction that is related to her entire body. However it takes reading and opening your mind to hear these words. Naylor explains that the term was commonly used in her presence.

Meaning the reason and tone and moment it was used made no sense to her.

She was confused because of the way the little boy used the word. The chicken and egg dispute is an idiom. The chicken and the egg means which came first? The egg is what the chicken hatches out of.

So if in order for a chicken to be born it must hatch from an egg that is laid by a chicken. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Gloria Naylor “The Meanings Of A Word” – wordscanbcruelorcool

Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content Gloria Naylor thinks the written word is inferior to spoken language because written language can be taken several ways as well as spoken language.

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