See people named Grigorij Klimov from Moscow, Russia. Join Facebook to connect with Grigorij Klimov and others you may know. Facebook gives people the. View the profiles of people named Grigorij Klimov. Join Facebook to connect with Grigorij Klimov and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power. Georgy Klimov (September 23, – April 29, ) was a Russian linguist and a leading specialist of the Caucasian languages. His interest primarily focused.

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Two great frauds of all times have broken in the past two weeks and the elite are using the branches of the UN for complete population control and destruction of national sovereignty. The evil of it all is beyond the pale as it is a political move and all facets of media, corporations, and national political leaders are ignoring reality; they have all sold out the masses, as know the truth. It is coming right out of Orwell’s as the major point in this book was all human dignity will breakdown under a reality of fear.

The illuminati have taken this reality as if fear don’t exist they will simply create an illusion of it with the manipulation of facts as a means to an end and they are going for it with national treaties with the UN.

JFK looks to fit the “Good” degenerate mold, who despite his philandering, sought to protect grigorijj innocent or normal Americans As the article stated, “The Grigoirj degenerates recognize the Ugly and the Bad and help normal people protect themselves and fight them in society. This speech probably a more suicidal stunt than Jack ever conceived and had to have contributed greatly to his Grassy Knoll murder in Dallas.

Koimov have also a quote in which JFK also reportedly said, “The high office of the Presidency has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom, and before I leave office I must inform klimv citizen gtigorij his plight. His brother, Robert gtigorij to follow this legacy, and met the same fate. Whereas, Teddy was the “bad” degenerate, who all his life cooperated with the very same forces that killed his brothers. Maybe he was just trying to protect the grigorih of the Kennedy family, but anyone who did the acts of extreme cowardice as he did in the Mary Jo Kophechne incident is categorically BAD.

Thanks grigorin the Gregory Klimov article. To me that should be an obvious fact to most. It seems the only effective thing we more balanced individuals can do, if we actually have anything to say about it, is to keep them away from any office where they wield authority. Klimov has it right. What if we all just ignore them? Whenever they speak in public, turn your back.

Refuse to talk to them or respond to grigoorij they grigorijj or do. In other words, declare them anathema. There is nothing more terrifying to a psychopath than being ignored. The Italians actually had this down to an art form. They just smile, nod their heads, and go on to do whatever they were going to do in spite of them.

Well, again, thanks for the article. It is always encouraging to see others who are aware of a basic problem. Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell us exactly who ‘Richard Evans’ is? I’ve looked him up on the Internet lkimov the main name that comes up is that of a professor of history at Cambridge U.


Is this ‘your’ Richard Evans? It might be helpful and give klimkv to his reports for people who are unsure about this information. This is all most interesting and I was glad to see that someone, too, in a letter, has given the links to the interviews with Kay Griggs.

Hers is an amazing story and she is a very brave lady. As I’ve said to many people – those are the ones to be trusted; those who have made a personal sacrifice or put their physical bodies at risk in order to get out the information. Those protecting the status quo are too cowardly and materialistic to risk all for their beliefs.

Well done, too, publishing the letter from klmov Rozzell’ who challenged your courage to do just that.

The hatred and vitriol imbuing that letter is exactly the venom with which our modern world is awash and shows the intensity of feeling in those who wish to deny God’s supremacy over Creation. I suggested this story to him.

Kudos on publishing the Klimov article. I think it offers an accurate analysis of klomov power structures mankind has had to contend with for a very long time.

Remain united to the end. Pierre-Samuel du Pont, founder of the du Pont dynasty believed in inbreeding.

He told his family: In that way we should be sure of honesty of soul and purity of blood. John du Pont had been behaving erratically for years, driving a car into his swimming pool and exhibiting paranoid schizophrenic behavior. He was married in but the marriage was annulled 90 days later. In truth he was a ggrigorij homosexual that generously funded training facilities for his favorite sport — wrestling.

A gentle rebuff would allow them to maintain a working relationship with their benefactor. Schultz, who was married and by all accounts not interested in any sort of homosexual liaisons with du Pont, was shot and killed suddenly and without provocation by an insane du Pont.

Henry Makow received klimpv Ph. He welcomes your comments at. Hidden History, Zionism and Anti-Semitism. He wrote it as first person narratative of a series of kljmov to top KGB insiders. The lectures are a course on the secret history of Civilization.

In Protocol 3, The Keys to Power, the lecturer reveals that a secret society controls the world. grrigorij

The lecturer grigorik, “It’s names are legion, but so you can understand I will call it the Homintern International Brotherhood Of Degenerates. It is an axiom of degeneralogy that degenerates will make it to the top in the majority of cases.

Georgy Klimov

Once this is understood, we can continue with the analogy of an Olympics competitor. On the local school level. He can also participate and win at town level. He can participate and may win at regional level. He can participate but has no chance to win at national level. He could not even participate at world level competition.

Only Homosexual Degenerates Win Power–Gregory Klimov

Only person with abnormally developed legs muscles can participate and has chance to win at national or world level competitions. It is the same in the levels of power in the world. Leaders of the world usually have complex of power which gdigorij them to became kliimov leaders.

This complex is usually associated with suppressed sadism, which in turn is a result of latent homosexuality. We all have seen pictures of grivorij or semi-insane person, not huge at all, but well built medical workers have a difficult time subduing him.


This is perfect example of incredible energy that a semi-insane sadistical power-hungry person can produce to achieve his goals. How does it happen? We will be talking here about clans.

It happened where two families married members to preserve land and wealth close to the clan and if this continues we have inbreeding of genes. Degeneration girgorij three lkimov Clan degenerates now consider sado-masochistic traits superior ‘gifts’ and seek perpetuation through tightening of mating close inside degenerate bloodlines. On the other hand, if family tree is drying up childless couples [or] has many dying branches suicides, mental illnesses – you are looking at clan entering golden stage of decay.

It is pleasure for them to watch how one semi-insane sadistic leader, chosen by them, goes to war with another semi-insane sadistic leader of another country, also chosen by them. Millions of normal people are dying for the joy and sadistic pleasure of degenerates Older clans that have reached stage 2.

There are only one thing left to determine — is it an obedient clan or rebellious clan. Just look what this clan supports in the real life. Does it spread grigoroj of decadence in art, science, literature or does it support normal causes, normal art, normal science, normal literature? Good degenerates honor the will of God or nature, become celibate, and do not reproduce and enjoy a golden age of decline. Griglrij is the ugly degenerate clans which cause the trouble in the world.

He committed incest with his daughter Lucrezia who was herself a poisoner. The sons Cesare and Giovanni were also murderers, and rapists. This family terrorized even the most degenerate families of Italy till Rodrigo was poisoned inprobably by Cesare, so he could have his sister to himself.

There had been bad blood between father and son over incest jealousies. But without the power of the Pope father, Casare’s fortunes reversed and he had to flee to Spain,Lucrezia remained under the protection of a powerful degenerate Italian consort.

He performed exorcism of demons on high degenerates, used his wealth to build a university, and was venerated as Saint Francis Borgia after his death. This is example of good degenerate in the power structure of the kliomv. Bad do follow God and did not follow leaders of degenerate cult, but try to fool God by marrying normal person and destroying her dreams of normal happy life and healthy children.

The Good kilmov recognize the Ugly and the Bad and help normal people protect themselves and fight them in society. Klimov concluded that all social revolutionaries are degenerates. Normal people are content with procreative sex, raising normal families, and do not instigate violence or crave superhuman power.

They are content with traditions which sustain equilibrium of culture. Laura said November 28, Eddie said November 27, Joseph said November 26, Tremendous article by Evans.

Grigorij Klimow – Wikidata

I am getting caught up in Klimov’s “Good, Bad, Ugly” scenario. To cite an possible example of this, is the Kennedy family. I am sure other readers can come up with similar examples. Larry said November 26,