Gullivera has ratings and 22 reviews. Warwick said: I unashamedly love Milo Manara, whom I discovered at a too-young age and whose continental sex. Explore this photo album by alaivv on Flickr!. If you’re unfamiliar with Milo Manara you probably haven’t read erotic comic books. He’s an Italian writer and artist whose art is synonymous.

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The art is nice and the text bubbles work nicely within the frames. A good time pass, I guess. Cumpri meu desejo de menino de 11 anos e li, quebrando o pequeno tabu do proibido. However be prepared to shake your head a lot. Published December by Eurotica first published August 8th As she begins to read it, a storm comes up gulliveera knocks the ship off its anchor, and off they go, ship and girl.

Aug 06, Ahsara Westa Medeiros rated it gulliveera was amazing. And look at this old book. Manara’s take on the Swift story of Gulliver’s Travels, this time with a woman who has trouble staying clothed.

I’m Gullivera, a hot high school girl. Even the less tasteful moments are elevated by the artwork. Follow the bawdy adventures of lithe Manara-girl Gullivera through Lilliput, the land of the Giants, and the land of horny talking horse.

Milo Manara – Gulliveriana () | Flickr

Jun 14, Camilo Guerra rated it it was ok. Let’s be all real here: Comics Comic Books Feature Podcasts. Always weird to think there are classics of pornography. The girl finds an old British flag, makes a dress out of it, and finds a copy of Miol Travels on the ship.


I recommend this to those who like mature genre, those who would like a light read, and for those who love good sketch and light colors. There are of course, pervy giants, bushwhacking children, horny horses lurid lesbians, and lustful little people – but no intercourse. Return to Book Page. Dec 27, Trisha rated it really liked it Shelves: Vullivera favorite panels show Liliputian children innocently and blithely sitting around playing in Gullivera’s bush to the scolding of their motherand the giantesses’ saving of the queen, who is on fire.

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As it is I think it’s utterly charming and sexy. Next, Gullivera very briefly visits the land of horny talking horses the horses might have been in one panel.

It’s less explicit than some of his other works and it’s a big favourite in this house — Hannah and I actually cannibalised this copy so we could frame some of the pages for our bedroom pictures which, by the way, Hannah sort of rolls her eyes at whenever we have guests, as though to silently imply that she wasn’t the one that chose and hung them.

The final panels are gratuitous and lovely ones mwnara did not fit neatly into the story but provide a display of Manara’s erotic imagination and artistic skill.

Very innocent despite written by Manara.

As the title suggests, it’s inspired copied would be more appropriate word, but whatever I guess I’ll have to board that mysterious ship until Waldo comes around.

After fleeing the horses, Gullivera finds a floating city in the sky, filled with horny women, and sleeping men. Jul 03, Myk Pilgrim rated it liked it Shelves: So, don’t expect too from it. Maybe there’s something in here I can use to cover myself.


Milo Manara’s Gullivera Review

The mini-city that the protagonist walks through is incredibly detailed and gorgeous to look at. Jan 21, Alfredo rated it liked it Shelves: The male protagonist has been swapped with a frequently nude young woman. Well at least it was better than Jack Black’s Gulliver’s Travels.

Jul 22, Thomas rated it it was ok Shelves: Our heroine finds her own adventures mirroring those of Gulliver: And as the cover page suggests Erotic and sexy without ever getting to a point of being dirty. Comic Books Reviews Three Takeaways: View all 9 comments.

Jonathan Swift’s classic takes a naughty turn in the savvy hands of the Italian Manara. She falls asleep on the raft, falls off, losing both the raft and her bathing suit. Lists with This Book. Gulliver’s Travels with a very shallow twist.

A gorgeous book that is at times funny, exciting, and inventive. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. For me the experience of reading things in foreign languages completely changes how I react to them, for better or worse, and it may be that if I’d bought this in a local shop and read it in English I’d find it humdrum and irritating.

Manara is an amazing artist who can capture every inch of the human form in an almost photographic level of skill.