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A flight of fancy for readers of all ages, this book explores a whole new world charged with the wild beauty frlud creatures who do not live by human rules. Theirs is a realm of wonder, joy and enchanted danger. The two artists who created this book, Alan Lee and Brian Froud, have studied faerie history, myths, legends and folklore, and embodied their findings in paintings and drawings.

All the faerie types are identified and pictured – water faeries, elves, gnomes, pixies, leprechauns, tree faeries, dryads and more.

Information on their favourite haunts, pastimes and ways of life are drawn from Celtic stories, oral tradition and from writers and poets.

Hadas de Brian Froud y Alan Lee

Folk stories are traced to their origins, retold and illustrated. The Goblins of Labyrinth. Brian Froud Deluxe Hardcover Sketchbook. The Ultimate Visual History. Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle.

Detalles del producto Tapa blanda: Mostrando de 1 opiniones. Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento. Vuelva a intentarlo en otro momento. Tapa dura Compra verificada. It’s amazing for the people who likes fairies, gnomes, and magic stuff, it reminds me of Tolkien and the quality of the illustrations is perfect: I also adored the prints that come at the back of the book, I will frame them!

BUT the spine was broken up from the time we received it in the mail, and unfortunately i did not act quickly after finding this and try to exchange it. This was just delivered on my doorstep today and I couldn’t wait to open it up.

The book is not only filled with amazing and fantastical frous but the authors describe laan retell all kinds of old faerie stories from Europe. However, for me, it’s a beautifully written and illustrated book about the fay stories of df. I would recommend it! That’s the beauty of it. I don’t have a lot to say – I had this book when I was a kid I’m almost 45 and it sparked my imagination and inspired me as a young artist.


If you’re hadaa a fan, you know what Droud talking about. I strongly recommend this book, as well hadae any others in this line by the same authors and artists. My kids aren’t even as excited about this book now that I have it, and that’s both sad and kind of awesome.

Because it really was just for me. A total classic, and a must have for If I could sum up this review in one word: My first encounter with the book Faeries, by Brian Froud and Alan Lee, was by chance froux sophomore year of high school. An art teacher who had picked up on my enthusiasm for mythology and Celtic lore allowed me to borrow his copy- and never have I been whisked away into a book like I was on that day.

The book took to tackling a topic as vast and varied as mythology itself- and despite the fact that the badas of faerie mythos contradicts complements and blurs from one culture to the next, they have tackled it successfully. The same faerie species may have various names according to the region. The denizens of Faerie are so varied that in the past some have been wrongly or carelessly categorized. One species shades into the next, so it is difficult to state precisely where a Bogie ends and a Bogle begins.

But despite how complicated and vroud the material may be Froud, Lee, and company have done a marvelous job bran organizing a piece of art that is both mesmerizing and comprehensible.

The book has been carefully organized dde three sections: I applaud the authors for sourcing so many different cultural interpretations- exploring faerie lore from Friud, Norse, Scandinavian, Anglo, and even some contemporary additions.

Each section is rich with artwork that is filled to the brim with vitality, and to the life behind the clever witty and sometimes scary principle of faerie. Both Brian Froud and Alan Lee have done extensive work in this field.

Froud, born inis an English fantasy illustrator along with his wife, and is well known for his work on such films as Labyrinth, and The Dark Crystal.

He is also known for his beautifully illustrated explorations in works like Goblins and many other faerie related journals studies and references. Lee, also born inis an English illustrator and concept artist.

He is bran known for his conceptual work on The Lord of the Rings trilogy and most recently on his work for The Hobbit.


Both men are deeply inspired by nature, particularly in Dartmoor. Unlike many other books covering this field Froud and Lee specifically sought to avoid the generic and tiresomely overused motif of beautifully winged ladies and happily ever afters.

Faeries are the elements and energy incarnate- they embody everything that is life and death, enchanting and macabre, morose and witty. It is a world that is in constant contradiction with itself- symbolizing the fantastical unpredictability we all experience in life. This is probably the only illustrated book on faeries that captures the qualities of Celtic folklore properly.

As a lover of mythology, particularly Celtic, and as an artist, it is an absolute pleasure to find a book that is imaginative without delving out of the boundaries of the integrity of the topic. The only qualm I might find readers experiencing is that the authors created a world so vivid and tangible, realists may be turned off by the sheer novelty of it. For all its secrets, Froud and Lee have shed light onto the mysterious nooks and crannies of our world. Despite the fact that this book is to bursting with information on many different aspects of such an expansive yet unknown field, it is a delightful and comprehensible book for seasoned folklorists, casual onlookers, and curious newcomers alike.

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This book is worth every penny. I remember being fascinated by this book when I was a child. The illustrations are amazing. I would recommend it for children 6 and over.

My children love how the different types of magical creatures are described. These are not sexy pictures, but in several pictures the fairies aren’t wearing clothes. If it doesn’t bother you, you’ll enjoy this book. Gana dinero con nosotros. Todos los derechos reservados. Amazon Music Transmite millones de canciones. Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo el mundo.

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