Hansa Teutonica Game Rules. Players attempt to increase their standing as merchants in the Hanseatic League by gaining prestige points. This may be done in. Hansa Teutonica. A game for 2 to 5 players by Andreas Steding. Condensed rules by Eric Postpischil, Introduction. Goal: Get the most prestige. Deutsche Hanse or, in Latin, Hansa Teutonica, are alternative names for the Hanseatic League, an alliance between merchant guilds and (later) between cities.

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Trade routes located between these cities contain two to four field spaces where either a trader or a merchant can be placed to establish trade routes. It was believed, however, that almost cities were involved in some capacity with the League. If a bonus marker is allocated to that trading route, take it. Amount teutonic resources the player may take hannsa the stock into his personal supply as one activity.

If they eventually occupy an entire trade route between two cities, a new Office may be established. When you are done you then put it down on the board pointing the little arrow at the trade route it is now associated with.

A player who is able to establish a contiguous Office Network between Arnheim and Stendal immediately receives 7 prestige points. Cities that joined the League were called Hansa teutonic. All of the normal rules apply, but with the following additions:. I love this game and just teutoncia my copy, and want to make sure we are all playing the same game: The end game points for your largest network is associated with Kontors, not cities. Placement should’ve been done all at the same time, whether it’s your 1st, 2nd or 3rd action.

Hansa Teutonica

Note that newly acquired activities may be used immediately. On a player’s turn, he can move this figure 1 or 2 provinces for free — either before he starts his turn or after he completes all of his activities.


The “Swap Kontor” bonus marker is a rule breaker! Teeutonica each following player puts one additional trader in his personal supply i. Kings of Air and Steam. Please provide an your e-mail that you can access.

Are hanaa 2-player rules in the 3rd edition updated? GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Bonus marker placing – repeat lane?

Hansa Teutonica rules clarifications – Berkeley Board Gamers (Berkeley, CA) | Meetup

At the end of the game the player’s largest network of connected Offices count the indicated amount of prestige points per Office. Failed to process your request OK.

If a skill improves during game play, a cube or disk on the appropriate track is removed and put into the player’s personal supply giving that player more resources to use during the course of the game. Ok I think thats all I bumped into.

An “Office Network” means that there has to be an uninterrupted chain of connected cities all containing at least one Office of the player. Basic white2 Moderate orange3 Higher pink and 4 Maximum black: Hansa Teutonica Game Rules. Establishing a network of Kontors in new Hansa cities may be as promising as improving trading skills.

So you multiply your Key skill by the number of Kontors in your largest network, so having 2 cubes in one city will double that cities contribution to your network size! In the south east city of Coellen, prestige points may be gained. As a rule of thumb, merchants may be utilized instead of traders during game play if not stated otherwise, but not vice versa a trader does not make a merchant.

The figures on the rightmost uncovered fields of each skill tracks indicate the current abilities of that player i. Split Up Displaced Traders? The League emerged ruoes the midth of the 12th century You need to possess the appropriate Privilege color level on your player board that matches the color of the city space where the Office is to be built.


Hans an Office is opened on a city space that has a gold coin you immediately gain one victory point. When does a player draw a replacement token, immediately after route clearing and then place at end of turn OR draw at end of turn and place? The player “controlling” a city is the one having the most Offices in that city. However, the activities of 1 allocating resources or 2 moving resources are not restricted by the figure.

The opposing player puts the displaced resource plus one additional resource two if a merchant was displaced from the stock on any empty field that is on an adjacent trade route. If this is your last action the BM cannot be used until your next turn.

Hansa Teutonica Game Rules

This may be done in different ways: You can submit site to improve your website reputation We submitted our site under Trading Cards Directory Free search engine submission. Sign up using Facebook. By establishing a trade route between Coellen and Warburg, a player may staff any empty field on the prestige point tableau next to Coellen with a merchant from the trade route instead of opening a new Office the other resources from the teutoica route go back into the stock.


If one of the adjacent cities of an established trade route is Groningen, Stade, Lubeck, Gottingen or Hansz, the player may increase the appropriate skill instead of opening an Office. Cities that joined the League were called Hansa cities. If I control both cities on a route, do I get two prestige points when it’s claimed?