It is the winter of , the last dark days of World War II in occupied Holland. A Nazi collaborator, infamous for his cruelty, is assassinated as he. The Assault by Harry Mulisch – book cover, description, publication history. A review and a link to other reviews of The Assault by Harry Mulisch.

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Het is voor mij ondoenlijk om in een blog uitputtend toe te lichten hoe dat dan werkt.

This post is Part 2 in the series: The play is ahrry, of course, at hhe concerned with war and yet Steenwijk sees something in it, in an innocuous scene involving a family sat around a table, that reminds him of his own family and that awful night in En DIE raadselachtige kant komt vooral naar voren in de raadselachtige laag van duistere beelden, metaforen, verwijzingen, en oneindige verknopingen daartussen.

Anton is raised by his aunt and uncle.

The Assault by Harry Mulisch | : Books

Das Attentat – Deutschland. For them everything is very simple, but for us it’s more complicated.

Mulisch’s life had been profoundly affected by WWII, which has informs his writing to a great degree. Probably the cover alone would have done the trick, genius cover.

A Summary of The Assault by Harry Mulisch

muljsch I say no work, but I was living and incorporating what I had experience and learned and from time to time going back to revisit One More Victim and move it forward.

Maar in mijn beleving wel dat hij het absurde nu ervaart en deels accepteert, en het raadselachtige van zijn lot niet verdringt maar doorleeft.


Bovendien leidde dit tot mijn late herontdekking van Mulisch: They place him in the care of an aunt thw uncle there. In this short novel we assahlt Anton through all the rage, grief, and confusion he feels as he tries to move on. Socializing after the service, as many old resistance members te current politics, Anton overhears someone recounting a resistance action and realizes the subject is Ploeg’s assassination.

The war has ended but not yet in this Dutch land. A beautiful book of darkness and light, a book of how war marks a child and the rest of his life is spent coming to some kind of grips with the trauma and loss.

He takes a girl friend to forget his wife, but just doing that prolongs the connection with the wife. This is a wonderful short novel about the absurdity of notions of guilt vs innocence, hharry in times of war. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

As noted, Anton rarely acknowledges the past to himself, and yet his choices, his actions, scream about it. One event, one moment…no warning, and nothing is ever the same again.

I highly recommend, The Assault, but please stop reading two pages from the end.

Want juist die vernietiging is onlosmakelijk onderdeel van zijn identiteit. The Fascist gentlemen were rather consistent as far as that goes. But the past keeps breaking through, in relentless memories and in chance encounters with others who were involved in the assassination and its aftermath, haryr Anton finally learns what really happened that night in —and why. I particularly enjoyed two images: This kind of thing is, sadly, very familiar to me.


I mean I get it, that woman was probably the light in his darkness, but come on, it was like his family was just a small part of the assault.

We’ve got to become a little bit like them in order to fight them so we become a little bit unlike ourselves. Despite the war, the atmosphere in the Steenwijk household is peaceful, domestic; the family are spending the evening together; the eldest son is doing his homework, with the help of his father; the mother is unravelling a sweater. The Assault – Canada.

The Assault

He is probably the most boring character I have ever read abut. I would never dream of comparing myself to Holland’s great writer who died in at age Then, with no warning, six gunshots punctuate the night like the sound of the flapping of giant moth wings, and everything changes.

But the past keeps breaking through, in relentless memories and in chance encounters with others who were involved in the assassination and its aftermath, until Anton finally learns what really happened that night in —and why.

Everyone knows the Germans will retaliate. He runs into Fake Ploeg, Jr.