Pearson,Longman-HAT. Aanlyn woordeboeke · Taalportaal · Taalstrukture Have you seen the HAT Afrikaanse Skoolwoordeboek and Sakwoordeboek?. Elektroniese WAT,Afrikaans,dictionary,woordeboek,aanlyn. HAT VERKLARENDE HANDWOORDEBOEK VAN DIE AFRIKAANSE TAAL. ODENDAL F. ISBN: Estimated delivery within business day.

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Curious about who we are, what you will find on this website and what you may still expect?

Read our very first newsletter! For Afrikaans we publish the Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal our stalwart woirdeboek HAT as well as a growing collection of new Afrikaans dictionaries and language products.

Then browse through our catalogue for a closer look at the HAT family. For English Pearson is the publisher and distributor of the Longman dictionary series in South Africa. Browse through our catalogue to see the complete Longman range.

From the stables woordebpek the Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal and the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English we produced in our first bilingual English-Afrikaans-Afrikaans-English dictionaries: It is with great pleasure that we write this first newsletter to introduce our new website to all who love language — a growing collection of dictionaries that you can refer to online from now on, right wooordeboek on your computer, tablet or cellphone. Har follows below is but a short list of some of the features you will find on this website: So, if you have read up to here, we hope you join us today, even this very moment.


Come work and play online. Or go fetch a folder, switch on your printer and start your own Longman-HAT collection.

Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal

Many of our online activities and worksheets are free. Feel free to browse regularly, and if you like what you see, we hag you will subscribe soon and become a full member of our Longman-HAT family.

Our next newsletter will be published in October. In the meantime you can chat to us on our Facebook page and follow all our news on Twitter.

Or send us an email.

We love to hear what you think of our new scratch patch. From now on you can refer to these dictionaries right here — all three on your screen simultaneously.

Click to listen to sounds: Listen to and repeat the correct pronunciation of English dictionary entries: Before long you will be able to listen to the pronunciation of Afrikaans words on this site too.


Come and peek every now and then to see how our photo collection is growing. Help us illustrate our online dictionaries by sending us your photos.


Or test your memory with one of our ready-made gamesor your vocabulary and spelling with a game of verbal hide-and-seek. Will woordebofk question of the day stump you?

Watch out too for book announcements and contributions by well-known writers! There are dictionary and language activities, comprehension tests, crossword puzzles, find-the-word puzzles … and much more to come.

Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal – Wikipedia

In Afrikaans and English. For learners in the various grades, and later on for students too. Something new each week.