Modified AMI codes are a digital telecommunications technique to maintain system In order to preserve AMI coding’s desirable absence of DC bias, the number of the high density bipolar of order 3 (HDB3) code replaces any instance of 4. Yesterday I got a call asking about HDB3 encoding. Since I am not memorizing everything under the sun I couldn’t answer at once but I learnt it. The diagram is correct. A 1 must have the opposite polarity of the previous pulse, regardless of whether that pulse was part of a 4-zero.

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High Density Bipolar of order 3 (HDB3)

With this technique, both timing and data can be transmitted over just two wires in each direction HDB3 is a development of AMI Alternate Mark Inversiona line code in which a logical 0 is represented by no change and a logical 1 is represented by pulses of alternating polarity. This, in turn, prevents long runs of zeros in the data stream.


A sequence of four consecutive zeros in encoded using a special “violation” bit. This bit has the same polarity as the last 1-bit that was sent using the AMI encoding rule.

HDB3 Line Encoder Simulation – File Exchange – MATLAB Central

Further refinement is necessary to prevent a DC voltage from being introduced by excessive runs of zeros. Black Box Network Services offers comprehensive encooding and infrastructure solutions.

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A New Design of HDB3 Encoder and Decoder Based on FPGA – Semantic Scholar

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