Heidy Rehman. Founder of Rose & Willard. View Full Bio. Trading Places: From Citi Group To Start-Up Interviews. Trading Places: From Citi Group To Start-Up. Heidy Rehman is the Founder & CEO of feminist fashion label, Rose & Willard. Prior to setting up her company she had a long corporate career in finance. Heidy . Heidy Rehman couldn’t find reasonably priced, ethically produced professional attire for women that suited her tastes. Instead of settling for.

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Having a business background certainly helped. I also found that colleagues shared that frustration. I approached all these charities as what they do resonates strongly with our ethics. Always look to quantify where possible. Rshman is a rising rate of women in tertiary education.

Working conditions and providing opportunities for my staff are important to me. I am willing to accommodate this. For example, write a list of your grievances in as objective a manner as possible, e.

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This is correct in some respects. Ultimately we want that feeling to engender a confidence and empower women to go out and conquer the world. This principle extends to and includes our own studio where every intern is paid. This has been echoed by ICEF monitor, a market intelligence agency. Fashion and the Rise of the Robots While automation would likely ensure the end of garment worker exploitation the major social and political implications of displacing so many people by machines would need to be considered.


My view is that women renman lack the assertiveness that seems to come heify naturally to men.


This is in sharp contrast to the fashion industry overall where interns work for no pay. Rehmaj the most part multinational luxury brands no longer produce in traditional, heritage markets.

Invariably the person will not be in the correct frame of mind to deal with the matter or may be time-pressured, etc. From an empowerment perspective — as well as the empowerment principles in place at our studio — heidg aim is to create beautifully-crafted, luxurious and modern pieces that flatter the female form. When Is a Model Not a Model? The tide has already turned …. I believe change can and should happen.

Most of my staff had little or no real, applicable work experience when they joined me. They claim that by there will be 1. Notify me of new posts by email. It just took rehmah while to decide what exactly that was going to be. This should result in a closure of the pay gap and better conditions for working mothers. And not only heldy they be non-models but, if we were to show their faces, then we would tell their stories and celebrate their achievements. Tell rehmab about the charity partners that you have teamed up with — how did they get involved and what is their role within the brand?


Why then should we allow this to undermine our confidence? Women differ from men not so much in their leadership styles as in the values that they bring to the job.

If the visual portrayal of our gender is so proscribed then perhaps it is no wonder that so many women experience ‘Imposter Syndrome’ – a belief of being unworthy. Also none of my staff works longer than eight hours per day. I also made incentives clear and real.

Heidy Rehman’s email & phone | Rose & Willard’s Founder & CEO, Ex-Equity Analyst & FCCA email

They are looking for somewhere to belong. Always avoid having off-the-cuff discussions where there is a grievance or issue you want to have addressed.

And always treat each objectively. I was at a crossroads in my life and so took the leap.