The TrayCell is a ber-optic ultra-micro measuring cell designed for the UV/Vis analysis of DNA/RNA and proteins. Hellma® TrayCell™ Suprasil® quartz, parameter nm spectral range, pathlength (factor 50) mm ± mm × (factor 10) mm ± mm. Sigma-Aldrich Online Catalog Product List: Hellma TrayCell.

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Several caps with precise and clearly defined path lengths are available.

It is therefore impossible for the path length to change, rendering costly calibrations and readjustments unnecessary. Operating principle of the TrayCell: The TrayCell supports all micro volume, spectrophotometric measurements 0.

Learn more about the fiber optic tragcell measuring cell with patented operating principle in the brochure and in the Hellma BestCellers catalog. As TrayCell is the same size as a standard cuvette, it can be used in almost all conventional trayclel — for easy and fast measurements. A small drop 0.


TrayCell – Hellma Italy

The precisely defined spacing between the window and the mirror inside the cap ensures that the optical path length is accurate and remains constant. Light is guided through the hellms via prisms and fiber optic waveguides, reflected in the mirror and then guided back out of the TrayCell to the detector via the waveguides.

This guarantees a continuously identical position of the aperture in the light beam and no variation in comparison to the reference measurement. Furthermore, there is no need to dilute samples.

User manual – TrayCell

In this way samples can be easily retrieved with a pipette and reused after the measurement process. Request information now or download our brochure. Ensure conformity with regulations Ph. The Reva complete solution provides effective support for the application-oriented teaching of Raman spectroscopy at universities more.

Discover the core range of Hellma Analytics products including cells, certified reference materials, micro volume analysis and optical immersion probes more. Regular testing of spectrophotometers with certified reference materials secures the traceability of measuring results to international standards e. TrayCell Micro Volume Analysis.


As TrayCell is the same size as a standard cuvette, it can be used As a physicist with a PhD, Dr. Spring conference of Spectaris at Hellma Analytics. Several current subjects from the agenda were discussed with regard to practical traycelll e. It features useful information about markets, trends and innovations.

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TrayCell – Photometric Micro Volume Analysis in the nanolitre range – Hellma Analytics

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