Dermatology. ;(2) Microvenular hemangioma. Kim YC(1), Park HJ, Cinn YW. Author information: (1)Department of Dermatology, Dankook. Dermoscopy is a non invasive diagnostic method. Dermoscopedia is the online resource for dermoscopy and is provided by the international. Abstract. Microvenular hemangioma is a rare, slowly growing, benign vascular tumor. It usually presents as a solitary, asymptomatic, purple to red papule or.

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Soft tissue tumors Benign vascular tumors Microvenular hemangioma Author: Page views in Accessed December 31st, Dermal proliferation of small, irregular branching capillaries and venules with hemqngioma lumina. First described in as microcapillary angioma Z Hautkr ; May be form of acquired venous hemangioma Microcapillary hemangioma: Presents as slow growing, solitary, asymptomatic, purple red papule or plaque, 0.


Multiple well demarcated red globules; fine pigment network at periphery Dermatology ; Images hosted on other servers: Well defined, oval red lesion. Dermal proliferation of small, irregular branching capillaries and venules with inconspicuous lumina Endothelial cells may be plump, but no atypia Stroma is collagenous Variable lymphocytes No fat invasion, although may grow along collagenous septa of subcutis Hemangikma spindle cells.

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