Encuentra Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives de Alan Bullock (ISBN: ) en Amazon. Hitler Y Stalin. Vidas Paralelas (Kailas No Ficción). Alan. Claudia said: I used to teach Alan Bullock’s Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives in courses about tot it was amazing. Enorme libro sobre los tiranos Hitler y Stalin. Hitler y Stalin: Vidas paralelas (Kailas No Ficción nº 18) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Alan Bullock, Pedro Gálvez Séneca: : Kindle Store.

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By allowing himself the flexibility of switching between these two options, it allows him to compare and contrast these two men.

Hitler y Stalin: vidas paralelas – Alan Bullock – Google Books

May 17, Carol Storm rated it it was amazing. Otherwise there was just a bunch of f So three weeks and I’m finally done this epic and realized I didn’t like it that much. I used to teach Alan Bullock’s “Hitler and Stalin: In fact, at times Parallel Lives reads like fantasy, because it is almost inconceivable that people could actually have behaved like Hitler and Stalin did.

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This is an excellent book. There are some golden quotes in this book, not just about Hitler and Stalin, but about the similarities and differences between Nazism and Communism. While Hitler and Stalin’s stories differed in bbullock ways, that only serves to make the story stronger; monsters masquerading as humans don’t have a single origin story. From everything I’ve known about Stalin so far, I think few things portray this man, as a phrase that is in the book, when he was informed about his wife suicide “She left me as an enemy”.


I survived reading this book mentally intact. However, it is very well written and highly vidaw given the well described contrast between their lives. Hitler was a big picture visionary who did not involve himself in the minutiae of administration until he started losing the War when he began micro-managing several battles unsuccessfully from the Berghof.

Once in power, they both continued strengthening their vice-like grip over their respective countries by unleashing a reign of terror through an elite corp of soldiers or goons, depending on how politically accurate or descriptive you want to be in describing this group of loyalists. Whatever their rhetoric and ideology, both sociopathic tyrants ultimately craved power for its own sake, at the expense of everyone else, even the causes and allies they initially claimed to support.

It certainly is an idea with merit, comparing two of history’s worst despots’ lives in such a way, I just could not get over the way it was told and the dryness which fills the text.

It is an indispensable book for all those who want to understand how totalitarian regimes function and the role sociopathic dictators play in changing the course of history. He consolidated power through political maneuvering and court plots that eliminated all his opponents leaving him as the sole heir to Lenin once the Bolsheviks were in power. I can appreciate what the author was trying to convey but I do feel it was taking on a bit too much and the reader is left somewhat overloaded!

I was surprised by this book- erratic and all over the place with its timelines of both men. I read this book when studying at college. I dont need you to tell me someone is “evil”, ‘diabolical’, just tell me what the fudge he did and stop preaching to me. Mar 02, Lewis Smith rated it really liked it.


Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

Also, if someone wants to get the idea of the Stalin psychology as a dictator I suggest to read “Children of the Arbat” by Anatoly Rybakov.

The book is long nearly pages without including another pages of appendices, footnotes, reference sources, etc. What I love about this book is it’s scholarly; I can’t stand preachy books about Hitler and Stalin. I have learnt so much about Stalin and the rise and continuation of communism. Feb 07, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: Great work of historical synthesis.

The other aspect of his work that I really enjoyed was Bullock does engage previous scholarship, and the various sfalin historians have grappled with understanding both these men and the oppressive systems they created, without it becoming cumbersome. Follows how the circumstances enabled these 2 megalomaniacs to achieve power and the ways they maintained their power. That feels like a small miracle.

Both Hitler and Stalin ordered their armies, time and again, to defend positions to the last man. A window not only into the lives of these two men, but the relationship between one’s past and one’s future. Wolfson History Prize They were completely indifferent to human life.

It is very engrossing, so be sure to set aside the time to really digest this book.