On a similar note – are you familiar with Mapping Keyboard Shortcuts? You will find more information about this topic in the HyperWorks help. It can be explicitly specified on the command line or using the environment variable ALTAIR_LOCALMW. If neither is used, the utility will manage the cache in. Your user files are created in the directory specified in Step 7. For example, if you had selected HyperMesh, , and would go to this.

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HyperWorks utility allows you to create a local cache of the MainWin libraries to reduce invoke time.

All options are mutually exclusive. Displays the current version of this utility. Completely resets the MainWin hypermdsh and removes all MainWin files registry, help for the current platform.


HyperWorks Keyboard Shortcuts

Brings a HyperWorks application environment back to a stable condition. Displays the version of this utility.

Points to the directory that HW Inventory will scan, recursively. This script is used to scan the HyperWorks installation directory and record the size, versions, and compiled date of each file located under the directory and generates a report file.

Points to the directory where the report file will reside. HyperWorks MainWin diagnostic utility.

HyperWorks printer management utility. HyperWorks printer management register internal use.

Optional file name to be processed. Hypermexh regedit utility internal use. HyperWorks version reporting utility for scripts faster than HW Inventory, but smaller scope.

Generates a report listing all available machine information including the installed OS patches. Gathers and reports only enough information to assess MainWin compatibility.

Will disable -mw and -show all flags. Generates second report in MainSoft format.

HyperWorks Keyboard Shortcuts – Altair University

Runs additional checks to assess compiler MainWin compatibility. Obtaining License Server Information. The following scripts are used to start HyperWorks utilities.