Danny Miller is a research professor at H.E.C., University of Montreal, and a visiting professor at McGill University. Parts of this article are adapted from Chapters. The Icarus Paradox: How Exceptional Companies. Bring About Their Own Downfall. Danny Miller. The old story of Icarus can still teach us new lessons in the. The dynamics of success and ensuing failure are well described by Pro Danny Miller of McGill University in his book The Icarus Paradox.

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One concern structure model is described below. He defines a four part concern structure typology of these behavior patterns, given below in PAEI order.

P — The Venturing Trajectory: A — The Focusing Trajectory: E — The Inventing Trajectory: I — The Decoupling Trajectory: Edit History Tags Source. Create account or Sign in.

The Icarus Paradox by Danny Miller

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Miller, Danny – The Icarus Paradox – PAEI – Structures of Concern

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