useful information, neither the IPEM, the members of IPEM or other persons Committee (Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy, Report of a Working Party of the of required accuracy (e.g. AAPM , IAEA , IPSM , AAPM IPEM codes of practice and topical report series. Elly A Castellano1, David J Eaton2, Niall D MacDougall2 and Simon R Cherry3. Published 7. 94%. 1. Varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. 2. Is required for FDA approval of a system. 3. .. IPEM Report 91 Recommended Standards for the Routine.

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A full list of publications that are available to purchase is below. To order a publication not available through the online shop please order directly using the publications order form.

More information about each publication can be found here. Further information about our available publications can be found here. Registered in England and Wales No.


IPEM codes of practice and topical report series

Available Publications A full list of publications that are available to purchase is below. Please email the office for the code. Acceptance Testing and Commissioning of Linear Accelerators. Balancing Costs and Benefits of Checking in Radiotherapy.

Physics Aspects of Quality Control in Radiotherapy. Design and Shielding of Radiotherapy Facilities Mathematical Techniques in Nuclear Medicine.

Quality Assurance of Ultrasound Imaging Systems. Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine.

IPEM > Scientific Journals & Publications > IPEM Report Series > Available Publications

Radioactive Sample Counting – Principles and Pratice. Medical and Dental Guidance Notes. A Handbook for Nurses 2nd Edition.

Quality in Clinical Engineering. Principles, Dosimetry, Sources and Safety. Academic Practice A Handbook for Physicists and Engineers involved in biomedical research and teaching.

Physical Properties of Tissue: A Comprehensive Reference Book. Vascular Laboratory Practice Part Vascular Laboratory Practice Part 5.

Vascular Laboratory Practice Part 6.