he called numerics, was the ancient Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New . Important Note: Dr. Ivan Panin’s original work has not been changed except for a . Quote==Ivan Panin, the most prominent person in Bible numerics in modern times, was born in Czarist Russia in , lived most of his life in the US, and died. Ed.) Ivan Panin. Bible Numerics, as it is known and practiced today, is indissolubly connected with the name of Ivan Panin of Aldershot, Ontario, who made.

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The authenticity of the Holy Bible has been attacked at regular intervals by athiests and theologians alike but none have explained away the mathematical seal beneath its surface. It would seem the divine hand has moved to prevent counterfeiting in the pages of the Bible in a similar manner to the line that runs through paper money.

Bible numerics appears to be God’s watermark of authenticity. Vital research on this numeric seal was completed by a native of the world’s most renowned atheistic nation, Russia. Dr Pznin Panin was born in Russia on Dec 12, As a young man he was an active nihilist and participated in plots against the Czar and his government. He was a mathematical genius who died a Harvard scholar and a citizen of the United States in Panin was exiled from Russia. After spending a number of years studying in Germany he went to the United States where he became an outstanding lecturer on literary criticism.

Panin was known as a firm agnostic – so well known that when he discarded his agnosticism and accepted the Christian faith, the newspapers carried headlines telling of his conversion. It was in that Dr Panin made the discovery of the mathematical structure underlining the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.

He was casually reading the first verse of the gospel of John in the Greek: Dr Panin was curious as to why the Greek word for “the”‘ preceeded the word “God”‘ in one case and not the other. In examining the text he became aware of a number relationship. This was the first of the discoveries that led to his conversion and uncovered the extensive numeric code.

Oldest manuscripts Dr Panin found his proof in the some of the oldest and most accurate manuscripts – the Received Hebrew Text and the Westcott and Hort Text. In the original languages of the Bible, mostly Hebrew and Greek, there are no separate symbols for numbers, letters of the alphabet are also used to indicate numbers.

The numeric value of a word is the sum total of all its letters. It was curiosity that first caused Dr Panin to begin toying with the numbers behind the texts. Sequences and patterns began to emerge. These created such a stirring in the heart of the Russian that he dedicated 50 years of his life to painstakingly comb the pages of the Bible. This complex system of numbering visibly and invisibly saturates every book of the scriptures emphasising certain passages and illustrating deeper or further meaning in types and shadows.

The 66 books of the Bible 39 in the Old and 27 in the New were written by 33 different people. Those authors were scattered throughout various countries of the world and from widely different backgrounds. Many of them had little or no schooling. The whole Bible was written over a period of years with a year silence apart from the Apocrypha between the two testaments. Despite the handicaps the biblical books are found to be a harmonious record, each in accord with the other.


Dr Panin says the laws of probability are exceeded into the billions when we try and rationalise the authorship of the Bible as the work of man. Inspiration from on high “We must assume that a Power higher than man guided the writers in such a way, whether they knew it or not, they did it and the Great God inspired them to do it”.

The Bible itself states clearly that it is the literal God-breathed” living word of the Creator.

The words “Thus saith the Lord”‘ and “God said”‘ kvan more than times throughout panni. In 2 Timothy 3: Then in 2 Peter 9: For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: Let’s take the number seven as an illustration of the way the patterns work. Seven is the most prolific of the mathematical series which binds scripture together. The very first verse of the Bible “In the begining Ivn created the heaven and the earth” Gen 1: This verse has seven Hebrew words having a total of 28 letters 4 x 7.

The numeric value of the three nouns “God”, “heaven” and “earth” totals Any number in triplicate expresses complete, ultimate or total meaning.

Also tightly sealed up with sevens are the genealogy of Jesus, the account of the virgin birth and the resurrection. Seven occurs as a number times in the Bible 41 x 7the phrase “seven-fold” occurs seven times and “seventy” occurs 56 times 7 x 8. In the Book of Numrrics seven positively shines out: In fact there are over 50 occurrences of the number seven in Revelation alone. Divisible by seven There are 21 Old Testament writers whose names appear in the Bible 3 x 7. The numeric value of their names bbible divisible by seven.

Of these 21, seven are named in the New Testament: The numeric values of these names is x 7.

Bible Numerics: The Works of Ivan Panin

David’s name is found times x 7. God’s seal also pervades creation as nmuerics it were woven into the very fabric of nature. The Bible has declared man’s years to be three score and ten The development of the human embryo is in exact periods of sevens or 28 days 4 x 7. Medical science tells us the human body is renewed cell for cell every seven years.

We’re ivann the pulse beats slower every seven days as if it were in accord with the seventh day of rest proclaimed in the Genesis creation week. And God formed man of the dust of the ground Gen 2: The light of the sun is made up of seven distinct colours as shown in the rainbow.

In music there are seven distinct notes which climax in a chord or octave at the beginning of a new seven. In almost all animals the incubation or pregnancy period is divisible by seven. Seven is often referred to as “God’s seal” or the number of spiritual perfection. Number of resurrection Eight is the number of new life or “resurrection”. It is the personal number of Jesus.

When we add together the letter values of the name Jesus in the Greek we get Jesus was called The Christ, the numeric value of this title is x 8. He was Saviour which has the value 2 x 8 x njmerics Jesus is also Lord which again is a multiple of eight being x 8. Messiah has the numeric value 82 x8. Jesus also called himself the Son of man. The term occurs 88 times and is valued pamin x 8. Jesus said “I am the truth”: Eight persons were saved in the Ark at the great Noahic flood.


God made a covenant with Abraham that every male Jewish child was to be circumsised on the eighth day of his life. There are eight individual cases of resurrection spoken of in the Bible apart from Jesus. Three occur in the Old Testament, three in the gospels and two in Acts. It was on the eighth day or the first day of the new week that Jesus rose from the dead.

Dr. Ivan Panin and the Bible Codes and Patterns of Sevens He Discovered

The Holy Spirit also came down from heaven on the eighth day. Nine is finality or completion. The first example of its use is that infinitely sealed first verse of numrics Bible: Brayshith Elohim which has the numeric value of The very next statement “created the heaven” is also sealed with Nine is finality The number nine is endowed with a peculiar quality, it nujerics finality in itself.

There are nine basic gifts available to the Christian believer through the power of God’s Holy Spirit 1 Cor There are nine basic fruits which should be evident in the life of the believer Gal 5: The words “my wrath” have the numeric value The word Amen or verily is valued at 99 and occurs 99 times. The work on the cross was completed at the ninth hour when Jesus said “It is finished”.

The shedding of his blood was final. It saw an end to the old system of animal sacrifice to atone for sin. The word “blood” in this sense occurs 99 times.

Dr Ivan Panin – Bible Numerics research

Great superstition has always surrounded the number 13 as being unlucky or dark. Perhaps there is good reason. One of the most convincing proofs of the origins of this number can be found by unraveling all the names by which Satan is known.

Drakon or dragon has a value of 13 x 75 and it occurs 13 times. Peirazon or tempter has a value of 13 x Belial which is personification of evil has a value of 78 13 x 6. Anthropoktonos or “murderer” has a value of 13 x Ophis or “serpent” is 13 x The phrase used by the Holy Spirit Ho kaloumenos diablos kai ho Satanas or “called the Devil and Satan” is valued 13 x 13 x Small neat calculations This article is in truth an oversimplification of the work of Dr Panin and others who followed in his footsteps.

Dr Panin’s work initially involved some 40, pages of material on which he had written millions of small neat calculations.