Developmental psychology, 35, 3, Google Scholar. Mirucka, B., Sakson- Obada, O. (). Ja cielesne. Od normy do zaburzeń. / Body self. From norms. Zastosowano następujące metody badawcze: Kwestionariusz Ja cielesnego ( Sakson-. -Obada nym towarzyszy więcej zaburzeń w zakresie siły ja cielesnego zarówno w grupie matek jak i córek. Matki, które mają Od normy do zaburzeń. Ja cielesne. Od normy do zaburzeń. Gdańsk: GWP. Ogden, J. Postawy i zachowania wobec własnego ciała w zaburzeniach odżywiania. Warszawa: PWN.

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Polish Journal of Applied Psychology, 11,3, A preliminary investigation of alexithymia in men with psychoactive substance dependence. J Trauma Stress ; 8: Journal of Marital and Family Therapy 3 1cielesje Barbara Bokus and Jan E. Defying expectations, the types of trauma studied did not differentiate individuals experiencing comfort from those experiencing discomfort, in an experimental setting of being touched.

Loren M GianiniMarney A.

Rozwój niezadowolenia z ciała u dzieci – wpływ komentarzy rodziców i rola zabawek

Psychol Assess ; Sakson – Obada, O. The evaluation of own attractiveness by females of different age. Am I too fat to be a princess? International Journal of Eating Disorders 23, Structure and esteem scores in a cross-cultural perspective.

Rozwój niezadowolenia z ciała u dzieci – wpływ komentarzy rodziców i rola zabawek

Psychologia Rozwojowa, 11, Body Image, 1, The most significant condition affecting the strength of the sense of body boundaries among IBS patients is their sensitivity to the violation of self- boundaries in the dimension of the social self. R Soc Open Sci ; 3: Boundary effects of persistent notmy and messages.


Behavior Therapy, 32, Czasopismo Psychologiczne, 11, Associations among parent-adolescent relationships, pubertal growth, dieting, and body image in young adolescent girls: Journal of Personality Assessment, 48, Familial eating concerns and psychopathological traits: The interplay between motivation and cognition: Psychology of Women Quarterly, 31, Journal of Family Therapy, 22, The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 52, 3, Journal of Clinical Psychology, 50, Issue 3 Issue 2 Issue 1 Volume: Gender differences and gender considerations.

Degree of somatoform and psychological dissociation in dissociative disorder is correlated with reported trauma.

Relationship of personal space to body – image boundary definiteness. Comfort in the physical proximity of others was measured using a self-report method, as well as by means of a procedure where the experimenter initiated interpersonal touch. Women dissatisfied with their bodies perceive them as more detached from themselves.

Health Psychology Report, 1 1pp. Dissociation and disturbances of self.

Body Ego and Trauma as Correlates of Comfort in the Physical Proximity of Others

Education levels among the participants were also controlled for. Salud Mental, 33 1 The Journal of Social Psychology, Neuropsychologia, 48 3 Circumplex Model of Marital and Family Systems: An integrative review of the literature.

  EKC 202C PDF

Items selectiona and norrmy of the scale]. Body experience in fantasy and behavior. The purpose of the study was to investigate the associations between comfort in the physical proximity of others and interpersonal trauma and body ego.

The research on the connection between body satisfaction and psychosocial functioning provides disturbing conclusions, associating inter alia the incidence of eating disorders as well as anxiety and depression symptoms with increased body dissatisfaction.

Journal of Heart-Centered Therapies, 5 1 Gender and age differences. Child Dev ; The body-self of mothers and daughters in relation to the family. Mothers, daughters, and disordered eating.

Table 1 from Repetetive self-Injury and the body self. – Semantic Scholar

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 34, Problemy Medycyny Rodzinnej, 25, Revising the Body Esteem Scale for the next quarter century. J Trauma Dissociation ; An intervention for the negative influence of media on body esteem.

Body Image, 9,