JAGS Wonderland is described as “A Worldbook of Absurd Horror for the JAGS Roleplaying System.” In this review, I’ll actually be covering. JAGS Wonderland has 2 ratings and 1 review. David said: This is a truly remarkable and creative tabletop RPG lending itself to all kinds of whimsy and ho . I love Wonderland. I don’t love JAGS. A rules-heavy system focusing on meat-and -potatoes mundaneness is totally inappropriate a setting like.

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What Alice Found There (JAGS Wonderland)

People talk about their feelings, keep an eye on one another, and agitate for political change. Other ways to become infected: Return to Hags Page. Next up we have lots of examples on how to handle episodes, mechanics, wodnerland logical inconsistencies, so I’m going to call it a night. You don’t even have a body right now – you’re kind of dead, after all. They’re standard-issue mad doctors that try to burrow into their hosts and hollow them out.

InNetwork Physicians are “the product of a therapist’s psychological need to dominate a patient. I feel this is me sometimes. Everything is shot through with madness-with-a-message, often making ironic, sometimes insightful commentary on Chessboard Zero reality.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. At this point, your options are “get eaten by shadow monsters,” “get sucked into the depths of Wonderland,” or “toughen up, develop strange powers, and take names. If you are playing aonderland people at the moment of infection, you don’t get either Franchise or Support Dice until you decide to join a support group or an investigation agency. They infect other people, dragging them down into Wonderland.


Each layer of co-mingled reality is related to the world we know, wondderland the connection becomes more tenuous as you descend down the rabbit hole. Those Infected who survive for long enough and don’t throw their lot in with the Caretakers wage a desperate struggle to get by.

This can be a great comfort since meeting one of these and they’re very, very rare wonderlwnd go a long way towards proving to you that you aren’t mad. It tells him its plan and it changes him. Her body can do bad things, but it’s on a different level. When you have a CFP episode, you’re slipping between the cracks in reality to a lower chessboard of existence.

FATAL & Friends — JAGS Wonderland

GilliamYaegerAug 5, Wonderland is the world that exists in empty places where no one can see it. Wonderland’s fabric is very suspectible to the power of brand-names–of advertising iconography–of the inherent power of corporate logos. Be skeptical of their narratives, including yours. I think that a certain level of fiat is almost required in this sort of setting; there’s something about the feel of it all that makes it somehow appropriate.

Areas of relative normalcy can exist close to nightmarish hellscapes. A malpractice doctor’s office becomes a haunted house of medical atrocities.

JAGS Wonderland (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

If it can’t, it may have an epic freak-out called Disassociation, and when you finally return to reality you may find yourself in a padded cell. Billboards throughout Chessboard Three encourage visitors to question knowledge and meaning: If you are only rolling 1 die, you can opt to describe what you are trying to do in Wonderland, roll the die, and then take the automatic 1 in Wonderland, using the die result instead to describe what your reflection does in the real world.


The more information you have to focus on, the easier this’ll be for the both of us, but we can make do with the bare essentials if we must.

If you walk through the right door, you can find yourself walking up the side of a building. They look like monsters if you get deep enough, but on Chessboard Zero, they take more familiar forms like semi-trucks or flashes of light. Kind of surprised that noones gone for the ‘Dresden option’ so far.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

JAGS Wonderland

The Underground was mentioned previously, but they get a little more definition here. The highest-level example seems strangely specific: While many people are simply destroyed, “mutilated,” or undone by twisting, a few–the kind of person who manages to survive initial infection–are actually enhanced by it.

Forum Software Powered by Vanilla. At this lay of intersecting realities, there are four types of terrain: BlazeoAug 20, Their shadow swells, becoming fatter and fatter.

Anyway, what would you do to reduce fiat and increase protagonization in Wonderland? Characters range from normal people caught up in the madness to paranormal investigators to military operatives or even experienced journeyers in the far realms of human existence.