Do you have good reviews for a pair of JBL SF for about $ U.S.? . Don’t assume the SF will deliver strong clear subwoofer. Buy the JBL SF Sound Factor Dual 15 2-Way Speaker at PlanetDJ. Low VIP Pricing, Financing and Free Shipping available. The SoundFactor SF25 is a portable, dual fi fteen-inch, two-way speaker Dual JBL low frequency drivers with a 64 mm (2½ in) diameter edgewound.

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Join the HC Newsletter. Previous 1 2 3 Next. SF Sound Factor speakers were pretty much an entry level speaker maybe a tiny bit better than the JRX stuff but in build quality only.

Get out the jack and change the tire.

If you think “power is knowledge”, you have it backwards. Why save my money???

For a room of people and is not a big budget. The boxes are like new. They served only times Otherwise I would have Community TD or TD, but a lot more expensive and I would not have enough money to grow the amplifier This info will be helpful to know what might be available to you. It also will help to know what physical size your typical person venue space actually might be. In some parts of the world, person venues are quite large Makes a difference when you’re talking about covering a room with a very low budget.


SF is at least 5 or more years old I’m hard-pressed to believe the story you’re told of them only being used times. I’d much rather see you use good speakers with less power than crap speakers with plenty of power.

Jgl are more important than amps. I’d no sooner recommend them than Nady, Behringer, or any jl entry-level junk speakers.

JBL SF-25 Used speaker ??? good or bad

Where are you located? The use is about 8 parties in the year and some bingo, etc. OK if you say except on other forums, say that they do good except for size, but they will never be displaced. Are you seeking honest opinions based on experience, or support for a poor purchase choice? You’ve been second-guessing the replies through this entire thread. You’ll need subwoofers at some point no matter which of these speakers jbll buy.

Don’t assume the SF will deliver strong clear xf25 sound The size of the speaker box and the “roughly the same type horn” do not make the SF anything at all like JBL’s real speakers.

It’s jbbl cheap speaker, cheap horn, cheap CD driver, cheap crossover. It’s built to meet a cheap price point. Just because it says JBL on the box doesn’t mean it’s a good speaker. As mentioned, it’s purely a price point speaker that uses the cheapest components possible to resemble a speaker cabinet.


Yes, it will work in the sense that something will come out of it. The amount of money you have avaliable wf25 you is irrelevent to your question.

JBL Professional Sound Factor SF25 DJ PA 15″ Dual Speakers | eBay

It’s silly to ask a question and then argue the answer based on “that’s all I can afford”. Look around for something else used in your price point and come back to ask if it would be a better sc25, but don’t attempt to sway the jury on the pretense that you’re broke and impatient. OK I’m really sorry, it’s just that it’s really urgent and that nobody has answered my question in all the choices I had in other subjects. A low level speaker with a JBL name-tag. Help FAQs Go to top.

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