In , three young women are expelled from a wagon train in the middle of wild-and women-starved-Texas: young widow Sarah Andrews. In the second romance in the Wife Lottery series, New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas tells an emotionally powerful story about a marriage. In the second romance in the Wife Lottery series, New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas tells an emotionally powerful story about a.

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Her romances have a sweet, touching feel to them, and she conveys loneliness and longing very well.

When a Texan Gambles – Jodi Thomas – Google Books

When a Texan Gambles ably illustrates both of these strengths. Sarah Andrews has always had a dearth of choices.

Left on a doorstep as a baby, she lived through her childhood depending on one undependable person after the next. Her first marriage was disappointing, but jdoi than her widowhood.


When a Texan Gambles — All About Romance

After her husband and baby died while traveled west on a wagon train, Sarah and two other women were deemed bad luck and left behind. Their bad luck continued, and in a strange series of events, they wound up being raffled off in a wife lottery by a local sheriff.

Sarah goes home with Sam Gatlin, bounty hunter and local legend.

Sarah looks like an jpdi, and she quickly becomes texxan to him. In the midst of their adventure, Sam finds himself drawn to his wife in more than a physical sense. His plan to set her up in his home for periodic conjugal visits in between jobs begins to seem less and less appealing. But can Sam and Sarah make for themselves a regular life and a happy marriage? Sarah and Sam are a likable pair.

Sarah is a rather bossy and proper woman for all of her tumultuous past, and watching her order big, rough, and tough Sam about was frequently comic. Her character was slightly reminiscent of a Julie Garwood heroine, and Sam was properly entranced by her.


They had some nice, if gambbles, chemistry that was unfortunately interrupted a lot. Even for a woman who is used to fleeting relationships and disappointment, their loss should have been more psychologically devastating to Sarah than it was.

Still When a Texan Gambles was an enjoyable read, full of tender, funny moments and everyday, ordinary characters who tsxan to be out of the ordinary, somehow. Jodi Thomas has a devoted audience; her backlist is quite collectible. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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