At the request of many families* I’m uploading here my favorite short story ever. I first came to know it through Donna Haraway’s work. The Persistence of Vision. This is Varley’s first story collection — a multiple award winner. It won the Locus Award and the Prix Apollo for Best Single Author. John Varley. The Persistence of Vision. All wrtters go through an apprenticeship, a time when they learn about the world and develop their points of view and.

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Her’ idea was not to make a place where they could lead a life “s that was a sightless, soundless imitation of their unafflicted peers.

All of his female characters that I’ve read so far are real –John Varley has little use for female archetypes.

The initial solidarity people show after a great disaster had long since faded into the lethargy and disillusionment of the displaced person. John Varley is an unusual writer in hard sci-fi for two nortable reasons.

It was the way the real Kansas looked now under the rule of the Invaders, who had ripped up the barbed wire, smoothed over the furrows, dismantled the cities and railroads and let the buffalo roam once more. This has already repaid my reread time. Thanks for telling us about the problem. No one was surprised to see me a second time. Or the loneliness of being forty-seven years old and never having found someone worth loving, never having been loved in return.


I continued down the wall until I came to a dirt road that wound up the arroyo and entered the wall. But when I was on a job that required teamwork I had to learn a whole new pace.

The narrator sometimes jumps back and forth between explaining the backstory of Keller and the story at present.

The Persistence of Vision (short story) – Wikipedia

Back into the building to dry off, which they did. They were talking to all these people, even if the message was as simple as a pat on the forehead or arm.

Later I found out she learned a great deal more about me than I had known. The message came through from hands, feet, mouth. There was a story behind it. Everyone else was nude, and I could easily adjust to household customs by persistencd time.

He asked me to come inside with him. Their parents were either dead or not interested in living with them. Her other hand kept moving to my face every time I talked.

I was not told what was going to happen. Kohn of them had undergone it during the first months, but avrley recently.

Persistence Of Vision

I think my hands could have told me volumes about what she was thinking. Feb 12, Cristina rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 20, Lea rated it it was vwrley Shelves: One night a carload of men who had had too much to drink showed up. She was sort of wound around me, without really doing anything I would have visipn of as provocative.


This is a nice little compilation of John Varley’s early short stories. This was not a reliable rule.

The wall was made of carefully fitted stone and was about five feet high. It sounded pretty crazy to me when I thought of it. The country was not as pretty as before. But they had lost their first cash crop. She was a dreamer, a creative force, an innovator.

The Persistence of Vision (collection) – Wikipedia

She went to Scar and cried with her for a bit, then came to me and embraced me fiercely, telling me with her hands how sorry she was that this had happened. Much of it was ragged. One persistencd of virtually every story in this collection is sex.

Your fingers are still very Sloppy. The Persistence of Vision is the story of an unnamed, middle-age man disenchanted with the state of the U.