NJMD NJR Audio Amplifiers Dual datasheet, inventory, & pricing. An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in safety-critical applications, intellectual property matters . JRC Datasheet – DUAL OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, datasheet, circuit.

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A project log for The Low Voltage Translator.

JRC4580 Datasheet

The Low Voltage Translator jec4580 low voltage into your multimeter or oscilloscope voltage range. Because we only using low resistance value on the both schematic, we only considering input voltage noise and neglected the input current noise of the amplifier [1].

The total Gain in dahasheet 1st version amplifier is and the 2nd version is Since 1st version amplifier containing 4 parallel op-amps and 2nd version amplifier containing 3 parallel op-amps, so the 1st version winning the parallel effect for reducing noise.


In multiple stage amplifier configuration, the first stage of the amplifier add noise more significantly [3].

Therefore, in 2nd version amplifier 3 op amp on the first stage is parallel to reduce voltage noise in the first stage of the amplifier. The higher order low pass filter can reduced noise than lower order filter because the noise voltage in input op amp is white and can be reduced with more narrow bandwidth [3]. The multiple stage configuration amplifier like in the 2nd version enabling to apply higher order filter than in the single stage amplifier configuration like in 1st version.

Supreme Sound Opamp V5 – Page 10 – Burson Audio

So, the 2nd version winning the filter effect for reducing noise with the 3rd order low pass filter. We need to divide those value with the gain of each amplifier to get voltage noise input in RMS.

The 2nd version amplifier is winning because of combining all method to reducing noise. Since we want to detect 10uV, the nV is about 2.


In the next progress, we will use this data to compare with the data from the prototype of The Low Voltage Translator using the 2nd version of schematic. Excerpted from Op Amps for Everyone.

Yes, delete it Cancel. About Us Contact Hackaday. Noise voltage input density dtasheet JRC from its datasheet Figure 4.

Supreme Sound Opamp V5

Simulation result of The 1st version amplifier schematic Figure 6. Simulation result of The 2nd version amplifier schematic The magnitude of the vertical axis in Figure 5 and Figure 6 is Total voltage noise output amplifier in RMS.

Reference [1] Carter, Bruce. Sign up Already a member?