Penelitian yang dipublikasikan dalam jurnal ACS Nano ini menyebutkan, alat . Asap rokok yang mengandung zat-zat berbahaya itu dapat dengan mudah . sangat tinggi yaitu sekitar juta bungkus / cup mie instan. kasus lemak babi pada susu, mie instan, penyedap makanan clan lain sebagainya tidak hanya menimbulkan gejolak yang dapat mempengaruh aspek sosial. Uploaded by. Dwi Harliani Ayu Aprilia · Translate Jurnal Stroke. Uploaded by Uploaded by. Dwi Harliani Ayu Aprilia · Bahaya Mie Instan. Uploaded by.

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Gambaran tingkat pengetahuan mahasiswa tentang bahaya mengkonsumsi mie instan di akademi keperawatan husada karya jaya jakarta. Journal of Science and Social Development.

User Username Password Remember me. Abstract Many community activities make people tend to look for something that is instant for consumption, one of which is consuming instant noodles. People assume that instant noodles have good nutrition for consumption, not even a few who classify as nutritious food.

The low level of knowledge can be due to the fact that the advertising process circulating in the media, especially television, is not balanced with education about healthy food from related parties. Then knowledge is very important to provide understanding to the community by transferring knowledge through education.


To overcome this, a health education for the community is needed in the form of counseling about healthy food and the impact of instant noodles on health. This research is descriptive quantitative with cross sectional data collection techniques namely questionnaire distribution and questionnaire collection which is carried out on one day.

Counseling was carried out in Drenges village, Sugihwaras Bojonegoro Sub-district in with 82 respondents. The results showed that based on the level of knowledge, moe community with a lack of knowledge was The average community consumes instant noodles once a week at The types of additives used by the public in consuming instant noodles are varied, ranging from eggs, sliced meat, tofu, tempeh, mustard greens, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, beans, crackers, rice, but there are some people who consume noodles without adding additional ingredients.

Journal of Science and Social Development

The community consumes instant noodles almost every meal time, both breakfast lunch and dinner. Even some people consume noodles outside meals. The presentation of the community consists of 2, namely with inshan and serving in a fried manner. But most or as much as The conclusion of this community service is health education with counseling methods about healthy food and the impact of instant noodle food on health is very effective in increasing the level of public knowledge about healthy food and the impact of instant noodle food on health.


It is expected that by increasing the level of public knowledge can change people’s behavior about the daily diet that is done by them. Makna penyuluhan dan transformasi perilaku manusia. Jurnal Penyuluhan, 3 1. Pendidikan dan Perilaku Kesehatan.