Foundations of Christianity is a book by Marxist theoretician Karl Kautsky. In it, he attempts to explain the origins of Christianity, and claims that it can best. Religion is not the motor-force of history but great social changes are expressed in changes in religion. In his book Ludwig Feuerbach and the. Foundations of Christianity. Karl Kautsky. Halaman 2. Content. Author’s Foreword . Book One: The Person Of Jesus. I. The Pagan Sources. II. The Christian.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The Foundations of Christianity, by Karl Kautsky. A Study in Christian Origins The book is quite good. Despite his flaws and mistakes both intellectual and politicalKautsky was a remarkable person and a serious scholar.

Foundations of Christianity : A Study in Christian Origins

Intuitive insights, breadth of thinking, bold materialistic hypotheses suggested in passing. Nothing is more foreign to Marxism than a drawing of straightforward parallels between the present and the distant past.

Interesting discussion of the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and Zealots. Rebels, insurrectionists, against the incredible oppression of the Romans, though they were inevitably defeated in 70 A.

Foundations of Christianity: A Study in Christian Origins

The priests, the scribes, the merchants, had for the most part found safety early in the siege. It was the petty christianjty and shopkeepers as well as the proletarians of Jerusalem who became the heroes of their nation, together with the proletarianized peasants of Galilee who had cut their way through to Jerusalem.

You can even see this in the Gospel of Luke and the Epistle of James. Blessed are ye that hunger now: Woe unto you that laugh now!


The fact that the word occurs in the Sermon on the Mount also is a suggestion of the proletarian origin of Coundations, the expression having probably been current in the circles from which it was drawn, to indicate a full appeasement of foindations hunger. But it becomes ridiculous when applied to the satisfaction of a hunger for justice. Arguments about the clumsy editing of the Gospels by later Christians who wanted to shape Jesus into a peaceful, politically submissive figure.

The incredible contradictions of the New Testament are partly a result of this reshaping of Jesus. For many reasons there developed hostility between them, and the pagan Christians shed foudations of the Jewish background of Christianity.

But since there was now no provincial center of resistance to Rome as Judea had beenand since the particularly rebellious Jewish Christianity disappeared, Christianity became ever cchristianity submissive, even servile, towards the Romans. Jesus had been crucified probably because he had tried to foment violent rebellion against Rome; that is, the fault lay with the Romans, not the Jews. But why would the Jewish masses have any reason to want Jesus dead?

Foundations of Christianity : Karl Kautsky :

Jesus was on their side even if he was not in fact a very successful or famous leader. For Pilate, though, the case was clear. It was unheard of that an official of the emperor would ask the masses of the people what was to be done with the accused. Pilate thought Jesus was innocent and yet had him killed just because a dirty rabble demanded it?! His points are almost numberless, but here are just a few more: The evangelists depict for us a mob that hates Jesus to such an extent that it would rather pardon a murderer than him; the reader will please remember, a murderer— [apparently] no more worthy object of clemency chrisrianity available—and is not satisfied until Jesus is led off to crucifixion.


Foundations of Christianity – Wikipedia

Remember that this is the same mob that only yesterday hailed him as a king with cries of hosanna, spread garments before his steps and greeted him jubilantly, without the slightest contradicting voice. And how did this astonishing mental transformation take place? Somehow, with no motive at all, people were manipulated into violently hating the man they had practically worshiped the day before. But, after these remarkable fictions invented by the evangelists to present the Jews as the most evil scum of humanity, the original, true story peeks through for a moment: Pilate now has his soldiers not only crucify Jesus, but first has him scourged and derided as King of the Jews; a crown of thorns is put on his head, a purple mantle folded about him, the soldiers bend the knee before him, and then they again beat him upon the head and spit on him.

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