Keshava Namas with meaning, Keshava namas chanted during Achamanam. Keshava Namas of Lord Vishnu. Keshava Namas are chanted. These twenty-four names of God Vishnu are a part of the Vishnu 24 Keshava Namas First of The full word of Keshav is broken into K+A+Ishav) . Prayers in Praise of Lord Vishnu in Hindi, English and Telugu Languages. What is the importance of Keshava namas in Sandhyavandanam. have stated with 24 nama-s and svaha thrice is followed by Telugu and Kannada smarta-s.

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Vishnu – ವಿಷ್ಣು

It is upheld by many seers of Vaishnavism that the 24 Keshava Namas are of most special importance among the names of God that are famous as Vishnu Sahasranama. These twenty-four names of God Vishnu are a part of the Vishnu Sahasranamam and are treated as most auspicious by all devotees, each name signifying some special quality and attribute of God. You can offer both the flower and akshata interchangeably or even by mixing both in one plate.


Offer a flower each for each name or one or two grains of akshata as per your convenience.

So these kkeshava words namae used as the prefix and suffix in almost all prayers. K is for Brahma, and a hidden letter A in ‘e’ is for Vishnu and ‘ish’ in esh is for Shiva. Further, maa means mother’ Lakshmi and ‘dhava’ means husband. It may also mean as ‘giver’ and ‘protector’ 6 Om Madhusoodhanaaya namaha One who has conquered a demon named ‘Madhu’. Or whose form is like honey. It also refers to one having rays of sun and moon in his hair that give joy to all beings.

Kesava – Meaning of Kesava | Hindu Name Kesava |

It may also refer to his navel being beautiful as lotus. Or one who has the dual powers of attraction and repulsion. He is also the Lord of ‘Ahamkaara’ or ego.

These four manifestations are Lords of 4 states of the soul: Chitta sub-conscious mindAhamkaara egoBuddhi intellect or knowledgeManas mind. Vaasudeva is Lord of ‘Chitta’ or subconsciousness. He is enriched with beauty, wealth and lovable appearance.

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He is the 3rd of the four manifestations of Vishnu and is the Lord of ‘Buddhi’ or intellect. He possesses mighty valor and an uncontrollable form that protect his devotees. He is the 4th manifestation and is the Lord of ‘manas’ or mind 17 Om Purushottamaaya namaha One who is the supreme being or God.

Keshava Namas

One who is beyond death and life. It also means one who keeps Brahma and others infallible. It is believed that ‘Vamana’ also resembled Indra’s brother when seeking three steps from Mahabali, the demon 23 Om Haraye namaha One who removes or evaporates the miseries of his devotees and gives them eternal bliss or moksha 24 Om Srikrishnaaya namaha One who is the most beautiful and telgu with his hue resembling dark clouds.

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