Child benefits. Parents are eligible to receive child benefits (“Kindergeld”) for all children aged up to Parents from foreign countries can also apply for child. The rules are changing for the German childcare benefit ‘Kindergeld’. Here is what you need to know. Working in Germany gives you the right. Kindergeld Application Forms {filelink||Kindergeld (Child Benefit) Leaflet in English} {filelink||Kindergeld Application Form KG1e}.

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Started by Guest Macca-bb5 Jul Posted 3 Jun You need to contact the elterngeld stelle and pay back the overage. You will not get full pay if you worked and earned income during that time. Can lindergeldantrag help me fill out the elterngeld form please?

I don’t understand most of the questions and would be great to have the translation in English in particular questions on this form http: If two parents claim elterzeit and elterngeld you can claim an additional 2 months, total of 14, frankdurt can overlap in any arrangement but one parent must take at least 2 of those months, ie one parent cannot claim all I am claiming 12 DH is claiming 2 and ours overlap.

The rest would be really complicated to try and type out an explanation it deals with the childs citizenship, where they have lived since birth, what other benefits you claim, as well as your bank info. Throughout the paper it has 2 sections one for each parent, left and right. If you are just claiming for yourself only fill out one.

Or if you have skype I can try and explain it the best I can the parts I know. WOn’t be all but quiet a bit: I kind of know the basics but I was hoping someone had a translated version. Pretty stupid to assume this Posted 19 Jun We have lived in Germany for almost 2 years but since we have been paying UK national insurance and no German social security assumed we would still be entitled to child benefit from the UK however I contacted the child benefit office after the birth of my 2nd child and 6 months later have received a letter saying we frannkfurt them money and are not entitled to any money while we are out of the country However, you should check with your Elterngeldstelle to find out what if anything you’re entitled to while living here.

Change to Rules for Kindergeld

That’s not true, braxtron – there are many cases in which non-Germans qualify for Elterngeld. But JennyBee is asking about Kindergeld in any case at least that’s what she said in her post.

In my experience, yes, Kindergeld is paid retroactively to the date of the child’s birth once your application is approved. Okay I am a little bit confused. You pay national insurance payments but German tax.

If so, they are just keeping you with your ‘years’ for pension age hah! Surprised you get out of that in Germany though, have you opted out somehow? So you pay German tax – assume therefore you have deemed yourself ‘not ordinarily resident in the UK’:.

Point being – to not have to pay uk tax you claim to be not ordinarily resident although usually they’ll demand a tax return anyway. Once you are not ordinarily resident you are meant to send back your EHIC and NHS medical cards, let the govt know so they can stop your family allowance, child tax credits, pension credits etc and then you apply for the Kindergeld here which is more money any way and unlike Cameron isn’t going to be stopped very soon.

If you have been here 2 years with a child already and didn’t tell the family allowance people in the UK they could well be asking for quid back? There are reciprocal agreements in place for tax but I thought family allowance is from where the child resides. From personal experience dealing with both lots at the same time I was applying here on arrival, UK knew and had stopped my money from date of emigrating the communication between them is not always easy especially if there are special circumstances or an overlap of some kind or split year residency.


I was deemed a complex case as I had myself paid N.

I and UK tax and claimed for child living with me in England but my partner was paying German tax here and obv not claiming for the child or paying family tax rate as frankfyrt was with me. The Brits claimed the Germans owed us the difference between the two rates of child allowance about 90 quid a month and I think at one point were hoping the Germans would refund them some too as my partner was not ordinarily resident in the UK anymore.

Elterngeld and Kindergeld (various info/advice) – Page 9 – Family life – Toytown Germany

They batted between them for forms for a few months even though I had the letter of cessation with me when I arrived and eventually gave me the Kindergeld backdated only 3 months i. So I didn’t lose out or have to pay anyone back but nor did I get the rate discrepancy everyone was so obsessed with.

Will the Germans pay back 2 years child allowance to the UK if they should have been paying it? Will they start paying it for your children now – yep but backdated the last quarter only I think. If you explain your circs a bit more I think El Jeffo or Yorkshire lad might be a bit more up on it than me.

Thanks for all that info PCDonkey, basically my partner worked for a german company in the UK and is now on a 3 year contract in Germany but still partially employed by the UK which is why he is paying UK national insurance but German tax apparently its the E agreementI have never worked in Germany.

How To Germany – Children’s Allowance – Kindergeld in Germany

To be honest we thought the company had sorted everything out for us taxwise and didn’t even think about child benefit until our second child was born and tried to claim child benefit for her Hopefully we can at least get something back and at least then but I have no idea where to start with this so any help with who to contact would be appreciated.

Posted 14 Jul I would like to know if I am eligible for Elterngeld. I am housewife and am here since last 6 yrs, and my husband is working here since last 8 yrs. He has Permanent residency. I have resident visa which allows me to work but kindergldantrag not worked here till date. Can I appy for elterngeld? Posted 25 Jul kindergeldamtrag I don’t speak, read or write German and I don’t know anyone else who can help me out. I have never gone through the process and don’t know the forms but I speak, read and write German and would be happy to help if there’s nobody with more experience around not in terms of language, but forms.

If you speak German it should be pretty easy to understand. The most important thing to remember is it goes by life months not calendar months. So my husbands elternzeit runs 22nd of this month to 21st of next due to our sons bday being on the 22nd, for the 7 Lebensmonat. The rest is mainly personal information, earning histories, ect.

Posted 1 Aug I wrote an email questioning whether we could claim Elterngeld and a lady called me to say we couldn’t claim it – but strange they didn’t answer in writing i thought. If she can’t claim the Elterngeld and otherwise can’t claim unemployment which was employed for a number of years before maternitykindeggeldantrag we are out of pocket a year and a half of maternity pay.


Something doesn’t seem right about frankfugt i. Doesn’t anyone know the EU rules in relation to this sort of mobility. Posted 24 Aug I am Australian, with a german partner. We are getting married in December and expecting our first child in March.

I will be staying at home from February and have a few questions regarding the amount of Elterngeld I will be eligible for. For the last 5 years I have been doing a PhD in London and have been paid a tax free stipend.

Will this qualify as income? I have also been paying tax in Australia principally for investments and for a bit of work for our family company. Will the Australian income qualify?

Posted 25 Aug All the info u need is here: Overview of family financial support in Germany PDF. I actually read all 12 franifurt of this thread and was happy to find the above PDF in English. Thanks for the link, but I have heard that as of this year the rules have changed and income from non-EU countries is now kinderfeldantrag longer counted.

Elterngeld and Kindergeld (various info/advice)

Does anyone know if this is true? Posted 31 Aug I have one quick question. I stayed in Germany for three kindergeldanntrag working for a company and then move to UK in an emergency without deregistration. Actually, I didnt know that de-registration was so important. During my stay in Germany, i was receiving kindergeld.

When I left, I thought that since my employment has been finished, they will stop it automatically but after one year when I checked the bank account, they were paying it for for 6 months and then stopped. I thought, may be I was paying taxes thats why they paid it for a fixed time even after I left Germany. I am an India national and am not getting any benefit in UK.

After a couple kindergeldanntrag years, I went to Germany for short visit and was stopped at the airport. They asked me to provide my current address which I did. After one month, I received letter from FamilienKasse that I was paid kindergeld by mistake and I have to return it. I am in a very financial situation and cannot return the money. Can you please advise me in this case where I stand.

Keeping in mind, that after leaving the Germany, I never claimed kindergeld although they were paying me for 6 months without my notice. I know it was done by mistake but I think since, my visa was finished and they new it that my residency visa was finished even after knowing it they were paying it. Kindfrgeldantrag suggestion will be highly appreciated. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in franofurt community. Krankenkasse has nothing to do with elterngeld.

Share frwnkfurt post Link to post Share on other sites. Number 3, this is the time you want to take off and claim elterngeld.

It lindergeldantrag done in life months not calendar months. So you cannot take off June and August, you would take off month 6 and 9. My son was born in the 22nd, his lebenmonate is the of the following month. Part 1 SO you enter which lebenmonaten you want to claim elterngeld.