Finding permanence[edit]. “The box said that I needed to have Windows 98 or better so I installed Linux.” — If you know that the. Knoppix CD is good, this error usually means a faulty CD- ROM drive. Question: I get a blank screen when the X Window System comes. Knowing Knoppix it’s a pretty short book, stuffed with step-by-step guides with colorful illustrations about a clever product that can run a Linux on your PC or.

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Single-click on the icon to start that program.

This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat I will provide enough information to be useful, without going into mind-bending detail. Next time, you can read back from the hard diskwithout having to copy the CD image again. This means Knoppix takes care of mounting and unmounting them automatically.

This means you are allowed to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve Knoppix at no charge. Read this fine book, and dip your feed in the world of Linux. Count your Linux Box.

Knppix hardware identification strings are mostly provided by Linux users, rather than the hardware vendors themselves. For SCSI drivesa single letter indicates its location.

This will make Knoppix use a screen resolution of by pixels when it starts the X Window System. Knoppix follows the instructions given at the boot prompt to complete the startup process. What about some instructions for use with USB???


When you have knpopix using Knoppix, restart and take the CD out. You may have a swap partition if you have previously installed Linux on the hard disk.

You can switch between the virtual terminals at any time. If you do not have a persistent Knoppix home directory, select this option to save the new disk icons or program icons that you may knopppix created on the Desktop. Even if the proprietary software were available for Linux which it sometimes is these days it cannot be distributed with Knoppix due to licence constraints.

Knowing Knoppix/Finding permanence – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Knoppix is excellent for demonstrations, system recovery, or just testing how well the hardware in a given PC is supported. The only way to find out is to try it and see if it works. They can be combined in any order. This is called SCSI emulation. After running Knoppix, simply take the CD out of the drive.

This stores settings that are saved in knppix system-wide configuration directory, not in the home directory. To view the files on the partition:. Zip, USB and Firewire drives also contain partitions.


Knoppix has built-in support for many Ethernet network cards. This gives improved performance, because hard disk drives are generally much faster than CD-ROM drives. The key to press that takes you into the BIOS setup is usually shown on the screen just after you turn the computer on.

Knowing Knoppix/CD reading and writing

The Desktop Guide consists of four squares. Turn the computer back on. This section explains what KDE has to offer. There is a workaround. The user can then bring up a desired visual setup for the screenshot, move the mouse over the rxvt icon and not de-iconify it and then press enter.

To access the files on that partition:. It is treated as a hard disk drive. To copy files onto a 3. It contains one partition sda1. For example, to mount the first partition on the primary master IDE hard drive:. KPPP configuration is saved as knoppic of your Knoppix home directory. Check koppix network cables. This also works in other window managers that run in X.