PDF | Verbal-textual hostility plays a significant role in victims’ These are Demonisation, Sexualisation, Expatriation and Terrorisati on (see. Yet few have wrestled with, or solved the challenges raised by verbal-textual hostility, whether as Sexualisation % % Sexual organs, sexual. acts. As was shown in Table , central to the verbal-textual hostility recorded in the Demonisation % % % % Sexualisation % % %.

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Verbal Remedy empowering the next generation of socially conscious writers. These are the only two stories on offer. There is no space in between.

Our elevation of sex in society means that sexuality has become the centre of our identity — and we get obnoxiously flimsy narratives applied to queer lives, as a result. Throughout history, women in same gender relationships were completely erased.

There are few records of same gender sexualsiation relationships between women.

Men controlled history and the story they told was that they were just super close gal pals and nothing more. Erasure of this kind sexuaoisation exists today, as social media keeps showing us with viral posts of straight people assuming women are besties instead of partners. Yet, within the community itself, everything evolves around proudly being sexual.

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Our queerness is never taken as just accepted. Queerness is defined by who we have sex with, verblae therefore verballe bisexual people have to pass a threshold of same gender partners and asexual celibate people never actually count.

How much we have sex as well, now apparently is what makes us truly queer with the Huffington Post publishing one piece earlier this sexualissation arguing that queer sex was the best form of resistance. The conversations around polyamory always seem to revolve around sex too. The questions are usually about open relationships which are conflated with polyamorous relationshipsgroup sex and navigating sexual jealousy. The obsession with sex corrodes conversations around gender too.

Trans people are routinely policed for their sexuality.

There are constant interrogations regarding whether partners were aware that they were transgender before sleeping with them. The idea of trans people having sex is meant with dogged with erasure and hatred. Sex has become everything about us.

The Verbal Sexualisation of an 11-Year-Old

Identities go far beyond that. There are romantic identities for one thing and these never get spoken about. We reflect on bisexuality, but not biromantics. We talk about those who experience sexual and romantic attraction to verale of the same gender, but what about people who are heterosexual but also homoromantic? Stephanie Farnsworth is a freelance writer and journalist.


Her writing focuses upon identity and intersectional feminism. At that age, my symptoms and irregularities Tumblr has for years been sexualisatoin much-maligned platform that somehow managed to stand its ground Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

8 best Séduction images on Pinterest | Clock, Clocks and Coding

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