John Healey’s, Leshono Suryoyo, is an introductory grammar for those wishing to learn to read Classical Syriac, one of the major literary dialects of Aramaic and. 22 Leshono Suryoyo First Studies in Syriac – Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Beth Mardutho d’leshono Suryoyo. likes. Süryani dilini tanıtmak.

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From the first centuries of the Christian era, Syriac was used by the main theological and historical writers of this tradition Ephrem the Syrian, Philoxenus of Mabbogh, Thomas of Marga, and Barhebraeus.

Leshono Suryoyo: First Studies in Syriac

It also continues to be used in worship. His many research publications include books and lesgono on various dialects of Aramaic, especially on Nabataean Aramaic inscriptions from Jordan and Saudi Arabia and on Syriac originally the Aramaic dialect of Edessa in southern Lewhono.

He has also published a book on the early history of the alphabet. His teaching is mostly concerned with Aramaic and Syriac and the religious history of the Middle East.

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Leshono Suryoyo: First Studies in Syriac by John F. Healey

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Simto d’leshono Suryoyo

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Only registered users can write reviews. The Genitive Relationship The Verb: Simple Imperfect and Imperative. Customers who bought this item also bought. A truly useful introduction to the Syriac language is a rare find.

This practical initiation to the study of this ancient language of the Christian church speaks with clarity and authority. A fruitful integration of scholarly introduction and practical application, this primer is more than a simple grammar or syntactic introduction to the language.

Written in a style designed for beginners, Kiraz avoids technical language and strives for a reader-friendly inductive approach.

Simto d’leshono Suryoyo

Readings from actual Syriac texts allow the student to experience the language first hand and the basics of the grammar of the language are ably explained. The book comes with downloadable material so that readers may listen to all reading sentences and text passages in the book. However, its Latin language and the ordering of words according to triliteral Semitic roots make its use difficult for most students and scholars. This revised edition by Sokoloff renders meanings in English, arranges words alphabetically, and includes many useful tools on a CD.

This book is intended to provide a quick introductory overview of the Tiberian Masoretic tradition of the Hebrew Bible and its background.


It was this tradition that produced the great Masoretic codices of the Middle Ages, which form the basis of modern printed editions of the Hebrew Bible.

Particular prominence is given to the multi-layered nature of the Masoretic tradition. The volume contains a section describing the Tiberian reading tradition, which is essential for a siryoyo understanding of the vocalization system. Texts from Christian Late Antiquity John became bishop of Tella inbut left for exile only two years later when Justin I enforced the Council of Chalcedon which Syrian Orthodox Christians refused to accept.

In the present text John lays out his faith in a way which gives an inside view of how a non-Chalcedonian bishop of the sixth century located himself and his co-religionists within the Christian tradition and how he understood the foundation of the Church. Gorgias Press is an independent academic publisher specializing in the history and religion of the Middle East and the larger pre-modern sueyoyo. We are run by scholars, for scholars, who believe strongly in “Publishing for the Sake of Knowledge.