Plant variety protection also results from the ratification by Argentina of the protección de las innovaciones biotecnológicas en la Ley 24,’, La Ley (30 Aug. CAC— Cámara Argentina de Comercio LCT— Ley de Contrato de Trabajo / approved by Decree /96 establishes that the ownership of an. () Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tel. References to US Dollars will be “US$” and references to Argentine. Pesos will be Procedure and the Argentine Patent Law Nº 24, The federal Ley de Hidrocarburos, Law No. 17,

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April Decree No.

manual de inyectora mcneil akron

The human rights treaties included under art. The center-left governments that had gained power Interview with Mirta Levis. Although initiated to put pressure on Argentina, consultations at the WTO were relatively favorable to the interests opposed to patents.

Advocate General suggests that Germany cannot rely on copyright to protect confidential information. Consequently, multinationals could choose xrgentina the interpretation that favored the terms applicable under Law No.

Starting inthe newly adopted measures of a PNM provoked multiple tensions, which caused the national and multinational pharmaceutical laboratories to reach an agreement on key issues on which to confront the new initiatives.

Such considerations included concern about the fate of the national pharmaceutical industry.

September Congress passes Law No. At the domestic level, the 24481 inaugurated the cycle that led to the creation of a new IP regime for Argentina.

La Ley and Jurisprudencia Argentina.

For consumers, payments were thus no longer entirely out-of-pocket expenses; in the case of the contributory healthcare sector, the new rules mandated that coverage of up to 70 percent of the cost shifted to the insurer. September Constitutional Convention.

manual de inyectora mcneil akron

As a result, they progressed to the point where they could add value to products by tailoring them to domestic conditions and to the needs of the local healthcare system. The patent regulation model established in the approved statute was far from satisfactory to the United States. Chapter 2 Query No. In that period, the multinational industry attempted to apply the new legislative framework broadly and to close off spaces that might offer the national industry room to maneuver.


In particular, companies had used TRIPS article 50 and Argentine procedural rules to obtain ex parte precautionary injunctions that suspended the use of the patented inventions by local manufacturers whenever the breach of a patent was argued.

Under article of the Patent Law, and in accordance with the transitional provision in article Yet after several injunctions and decisions on the subject, the Supreme Court once again turned the tables.

Timeline of US-Argentina Dispute on Pharmaceutical Patents,

Then, some laboratories, as has happened in this case, come up with a small innovation to say they have a new drug in order to achieve a new patent. Close to 40 percent of those requests pertained to pharmaceutical patents Correa INPI 76 the Court found for the defendants, rejecting the claims of the multinational industry. Innational companies controlled For this reason, the industry has been embroiled in considerable and ongoing litigation over rights to prestigious brand names.

Among other things, the comparative advantages on which the national pharma- ceutical sector was built include the production of similar drugs. Our chapter highlights how, throughout the decade of more confrontation over a new IP regime, the four mechanisms referred to by Halliday were used by the local pharmaceutical industry and its government allies to their advantage.

Plant varieties and seeds in Argentina

Failing in this attempt, Cavallo convinced Menem to issue Decree No. However, the overall outcome ely the dispute over the patent regime and the effect of patents on the right to health and access to medicines continue to command attention. Encyclopedia Chapter Published in print: Multinational corporations were thus demanding that INPI recognize exclusive rights to inventions simply because they were patented in foreign countries.


Despite the appeals to the cost of medicines, the right to health did not argejtina in domestic debates. We question those who tend to equate the interests of the national pharmaceutical industry with those of the general public regarding access to medicines. Senate unanimously passes bill December Enactment of Law No. Cavallo left the Ministry of Finance in July March Senators endorse PEN bill. Ecuador and the EU looking forward to a Trade Agre The xrgentina of the mutually agreed solution had a direct impact on the 244481 harassment strategy that multinational companies had developed in Argentine courts to stop national companies from using patented processes or marketing patented products.

These medicines have a high impact on insurers and on government budgets. However, the high price of essential medicines created a serious limitation on access.

Developed countries have maintained the issue on the agenda of global institutions and continue to engage afgentina forum shifting. By contrast, the opposing sectors, led by CILFA, interpreted the treaty as a set of minimum standards that left room for adaptation by WTO members during the incorpor- ation process Correa b: Thus, Argentina has a different position from Brazil its main ally at the Mercosur level.

At the federal level this regulatory framework is supplemented by a number of statutes. Other contributory factors included the deceleration of the rate of drug innovation, the reduced number of new molecular entities introduced into the market, and the expiration of a great number of patents. Lej mismatch worked as a contestation mechanism, which was taken over by the local actors who had been excluded from the international negotiations.