When Otto became King of Lombardy () he made Liutprand Bishop of Cremona, as a reward for his services. After Otto had received the imperial crown at. Liudprand of Cremona was born around and died in In the course of the fifty-odd years he lived, he used several names, though all were ultimately. LIUTPRAND OF CREMONA Bishop of Cremona, historian; b. probably in Pavia, Italy, c. ; d. probably He was a scion of a noble Lombard family, and.

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The emperor is amused and embarassed, Subridens itague. On my way to Constantinople I gave to his son that most costly shield, oiled and worked with marvelous art, which you, my august masters, gave to me with the other gifts to give to my Greek friends.

And as I had no means of retaliating upon Nicephorus for his ill deeds,’ I wrote these verses on the wall of -my hated habitation, and upon a wooden table:. When she offers the drink, vipperina callidateto Arnulf, Liudprand breaks in. For the bishop of Leucate swore to me that every year his church had to pay to Nicephorus a hundred pieces of gold; and in like manner the other churches, more or less, according to their means.

Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. My unspeakable desire, my august lords and masters, of returning to you and seeing you was the cause of this; and if it had not been for this alone, I would, I believe, have forever perished. My mind pictured to itself one of those dolls which your Slavonians tie on to a foal, allowing it then to follow its mother with out a rein.

And how, I ask, can he even on land. And since the salvation of all Christians -per. And, indeed, there was not one of my companions who, having drunk from the same cup of sorrow, did not fear that his last day was approaching. This same Eutychius said, nor did he only say but taught, proclaimed and kept writing, that we would assume at the Resurrection not the true flesh which we have here, but a certain fantastic flesh.

It is worthy of your wisdom to act as mediator in so great a matter.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

Always magnificent, how much more magnificent after this! For before Bari’s gates had appeared the emperor Otto, Striving to take the place by-flame alike and by slaughter. Part of the defense of Otto’s actions is represented by the debasement of Willa II in the fourth book of the Antapodosis. On the day before the Nones of June June 4as stated above, we arrived at Constantinople before the Carian gate and waited with our horses, in no slight rain, until the eleventh hour.


Liutprand of Cremona | Lombard bishop |

They themselves demand to be taken back under our rule but our imperial dignity refuses them, that they may know and experience how dangerous it is for slaves to fall away from their masters and to flee slavery.

Liutpranx should they not sicken, I ask, whose drink instead of the best wine was liutptand whose resting place was not bay, not straw, not even earth, but hard marble; whose pillow was a stone, whose open house kept off neither heat, nor showers, nor cold?

Liutprand’s writings are a very important historical source for the tenth lf he is ever a strong partisan and is frequently unfair towards his adversaries. Bishop of Cremona, historian; b. His discourse began as follows: Therefore he opens the Antapodosis with a combination of conventional postures, some of which are designed to relieve himself of the responsibility for the performance he is about to give. But because he could not bear my reproaches, laments, and sighs, he went away and handed me over to a man so sinful and utterly bad that he did not even permit me to buy supplies until he had received from me a carpet worth a pound of silver.

The Sourcebook is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted texts related to medieval and Byzantine history.

For my ‘keeper in Constantinople gave me over to his rival Michael – a bad man to a worse, the worse one to a rascal. And since your imperial majesty hastens to send Chelandian ships there, may it be of advantage to me to have seen and known you!

After this comic routine, in which the lower bodily stratum takes precedence over the rest of the body, Liudprand offers an anecdote that involves the female lower bodily stratum.

Pretending to disapprove of the servant’s behavior, and of the poem, which clearly was composed by the bishop kiutprand Cremona himself orLiudprand represents himself as puzzled by the problem of determining whose behavior was worse: Help us improve this article! How wicked this is is demonstrated by the acts of our most holy father Joseph; for when he, ii; the time of famine, made all Egypt tributary to Pharaoh, he permitted the land of the priests to be free from tribute.

Liutprand of Cremona

On his return, however, he fell out with Berengar, for which Liutprand avenged himself in his Antapodosis “retribution”and attached himself to Berengar’s rival, the emperor Otto Iwho became King of Italy upon the death of Lothair in When Marozia’s son Alberic addresses the Romans, he attacks the Burgundians in typically medieval fashion, by providing a disparaging etymology for their name Ennodius, moreover, bishop of Pavia, was, on account of a certain other heresy, sent here, that is to Constantinople, by the Roman patriarch.


Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. After considerable difficulty, he convinces his jailer to go to the palace with him, where Leo is recognized and the jailer is astonished. His pride, his hatred of political opponents, his scorn for clerical and secular Rome as well as for the Byzantine court, led to drastic distortions in his accounts of situations and personalities.

The opaque surface and the body’s “valleys” acquire an essential meaning as the border of a closed individuality that does not merge with other bodies and with the world. Faith is there not young but old where works do not accompany it; but faith is scorned, as it were, for its age, like a worn out garment. And so it reads, that, in the time of this Nicephorus, the Assyrians will not be able to resist the Greeks, and that he, Nicephorus, will only live seven years; and that after his death an emperor shall arise worse than he-only I fear that none such can be found-and more unwarlike; in whose time the Assyrians shall so prevail, that they shall bring all the regions as far as Chalcedon, which is not far from Constantinople, under their sway.

Scriptores rerum Germanicarum Berlin — 3d ed.

But no more of this! Modern Language Association http: Liutprand bishop of the holy church of Cremona desires, wishes and prays that the Ottos, the unconquerable emperors of the Romans,-and the most glorious Adelaide flourish, prosper and be triumphant. The bravery of your soldiers, my masters and august emperors, does not require to be encouraged by, the weakness of their adversaries, although this has often been the case with other nations; the hindmost of which, and the weakest in comparison, have struck down the Greek bravery and made it tributary.

A storm from the south rose against me-madman that I was,-disturbing the sea to its lowest depths with its ragings. But if you will confirm what they promised our majesty, will straightway dismiss you happy and rich.

Are you not weary of insulting me, or rather my masters, for whose sake I am derided?