Estrella By: Estrella D. Alfon – December P. P. She has won the Palanca Awards a number of t. Free Essay: MAGNIFICENCE by Estrella Alfon There was nothing to fear, for the man was always so gentle, so kind. At night when the little girl. A Freudian Psychological Literary Analysis By: Patrick Mercado The story “ Magnificence”, written by Estrella Alfon, portrays a family who has.

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It is a common experience of everybody that after having trusted someone, a person would soon lose his or her trust on that person because, in the end, the estrells betrayed them.

In the story, Vicente was known by a mother of a little boy and a little girl during the meeting of the neighbourhood association. It was there when Vicente volunteered himself to tutor the little kids. They did not fear him because he was always so gentle and kind.

Magnificence: And Other Stories – Estrella D. Alfon – Google Books

He pretended to be so that he could get the trust of the family. Nowadays, many people are like Vicente, they pretend so as to get what they want.


The story reflects most of the people in our society. Vicente used pencils to stimulate the little kids maginficence earn their trust and also used the pencils so that they will be excited to see him again. The story shows how some people, especially today in times of poverty, will really do everything for them to be able to live.

Copy of The Magnificence by Estrella Alfon by john lee non on Prezi

He was able to reach out and gain the trust of the children and their mother by showing his social personality. This is too please the children with his attitude. He, like earlier, even used pencils to catch the attention of the children. He promises to give them pencils so that they will look forward in seeing him.

She did this so that the girl will really be happy and be able to induce envy in her classmates. The little girl, during the part where she was left alone with Vicente, had no idea that she was going to be molested by him.


The girl jumped out of the lap of Vicente innocently because she felt something strange around Vicente. We people most of the time are like the little girl. We people tend to do things out of our curiosity because it was developed or we had experienced it during our childhood.

All the things we experienced during our childhood reflects on how we act today in our society. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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[Magnificence] by Estrella Alfon

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